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Spanish property sales rose by 13.6 per cent in 2016
Increases were reported in all 17 regions of Spain The data regarding residential property sales registered in December.. Read More
Tinsa report continuing Spanish property price recovery
The upward trend has been slow but steady over the last 12 months The latest report published on Tuesday by leading.. Read More
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Bankia to return all mortgage floor rate overpayments
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Notaries report 1.5 per increase in Spanish property prices in October
The general trend remains positive in terms of both prices and sales figures The latest data regarding the property.. Read More
Spanish property price rises set to gain momentum between now and 2020
Acuña forecast an annual rate of increase of around 5 per cent by 2018 As 2016 draws to a close there is.. Read More
October Spanish property sales up by 6.5 per cent
Sales have risen by over 13 per cent in Spain this year The latest figures to be published by the government's central.. Read More
Bad bank offers 1,100 homes for rent all over Spain
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Spanish property prices up by 4 per cent
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Uneven property price trends in Spain as November index shows 1.1 per cent fall
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Spanish property prices edge 1.6 per cent higher in third quarter
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Mortgage activity in Spain up by 10 per cent in September
The residential property mortgage figures rose in all 17 regions of Spain The Spanish property market currently appears.. Read More
Spanish mortgages are the third most expensive in Europe
Banks raise interest rates in Spain despite the continuing fall of Euribor In the past it has frequently been the case.. Read More
Banks fined in Barcelona for keeping apartments empty
The Town Hall of Barcelona imposes 315,000-euro fines on 4 properties The Town Hall of Barcelona continues to implement.. Read More
Is this the Brexit effect? Registrars show less Brits active in Spanish property market
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Mixed news for the Spanish real estate market from property registrars
Spanish property prices held down by falling new-build sales The third quarter report which was issued on Thursday.. Read More
Increasing second hand sales bring average Spanish property prices down
The notaries of Spain report a 3.5 per cent fall in property prices As the long-awaited recovery in the Spanish residential.. Read More
Spanish bad bank hopes to sell 1,500 more homes by Christmas
Property bargains are plentiful in the Mediterranean regions of Spain Sareb, the ''bad bank'' which was created in.. Read More
Latest Spanish property price data point to slight decrease
The most buoyant market appears to be in the Balearic Islands The latest residential property price survey published.. Read More
September Spanish property sales figures show 13.2 per cent growth
The running 12-monthly sales total has almost returned to 400,000 in Spain The latest residential property sales figures.. Read More
Spanish property prices up across the board, say Tinsa
Prices up by 3.8 per cent this year in the Balearics and the Canaries The latest property price data published by leading.. Read More
Timid Spanish residential construction recovery continues
Building licence requests are up by over 35 per cent in Spain this year The latest statistics published on Monday by.. Read More
Spanish mortgage figures boosted by fixed rate loans
During August almost a third of mortgages in Spain were on fixed interest rates One of the most striking aspects of.. Read More
Mortgage activity still on the up in Spain
The banks are still keen to lend as the Spanish property market recovers The latest mortgage data published by Spain.. Read More
Notaries confirm continued Spanish property market recovery
Both sales figures and average prices rose in the second quarter of 2016 The latest detailed statistics regarding residential.. Read More
Demographic analysis shows that fewer Spaniards will need more homes in future The latest long-term demographic projections.. Read More
BBVA expects Spanish property market recovery to continue in 2017
The forecast is for 6.5 per cent more sales and a price rise of 3.5 per cent There may be doubts over key issues in.. Read More
Notaries provide mixed news for the Spanish property market
Spanish real estate sales continue to rise while prices fell in August The latest data published by the notaries of.. Read More
Rental price movements underline fragmented Spanish property market
The general trend remains upwards especially in Catalunya and the Balearics It has been commented on many times over.. Read More
 Brexit starts to affect British budgets for holiday homes in Spain
Cheap properties in Alicante and Murcia attract more British buyers Since the results of the Brexit referendum.. Read More
Outrage in Pinto over eviction of elderly deaf and dumb couple
The illiterate couple in Pinto were unaware of the implications of documents they signed Bankia is currently receiving.. Read More
Barcelona Town Hall to insist on building licence for the Sagrada Familia
The Sagrada Familia is still incomplete 134 years after construction started Never one to fight shy of controversy.. Read More
August stats show another sharp rise in Spanish property sales
Over 35 thousand sales were registered in August for the first time in six years The latest residential property.. Read More
Spanish mortgage interest rates set to stay low for 2 more years
Fixed rate mortgages could continue to grow in popularity in Spain One of the factors underlying the increased activity.. Read More
Slight Spanish property value increase masks significant regional variation
Madrid, Barcelona and the Canaries lead the property value recovery in Spain The latest quarterly Local Markets Report.. Read More
Number of mortages granted in Spain falls after 25 months of growth
The ''blip'' in these figures is being attributed to the Supreme Court ruling on abusive interest floor clauses In.. Read More
Major Spanish property professionals sense stabilisation in the property market
They expect sales in the coming month to grow steadily, albeit unspectacularly After analysing positive figures.. Read More
Spanish property sales for second quarter of 2016 positive across Spain
Foreign buyer numbers are also increasing Spanish property sales figures released by the Ministry of Development for.. Read More
Spanish construction sector leads Eurozone growth
Construction activity rose in Spain by more than anywhere else in the Eurozone in July The latest data published by.. Read More
Fixed mortgage deals gain ground as low interest rates persist in Spain
23 per cent of mortgages in the Balearics are now on fixed rate terms The latest data issued by Spain's notaries regarding.. Read More
Spanish property prices continue gradual recovery
The data from valuation firms show a 2 per cent rise in residential property values The latest residential property.. Read More
Barcelona Mayoress at loggerheads with the Catalan police force
The issue of evictions continues to cause conflict in Barcelona The forced eviction of a mother and her three children.. Read More
Spanish property sales figures stutter in July according to notaries
Property prices across Spain are reported to have fallen by 3.6 per cent The latest monthly property transaction.. Read More
Spanish property sales still rising despite unspectacular July figures
Sales across Spain have risen by 14% in the first seven months of 2016 The latest residential property sales which.. Read More
Spanish property prices maintain gradual upward curve
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