Malaga marchers join firefighters in mass protest
Malaga firefighters demand a review of working conditions after 58 years A huge crowd estimated at between 2,000 and 4,000 people took to the streets of Málaga on Sunday as local.. Read More
Ecological disaster averted after ferry crash in Las Palmas
Rapid progress avoids the spread of an oil slick in Gran Canaria There was considerable alarm in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on Saturday evening when a ferry leaving the port for Tenerife crashed.. Read More
Spanish Moslems warn of increasing Islamophobia
Racists target mosques and women wearing veils in Spain One of the almost inevitable consequences of the terrorist attacks which have taken place in Europe over the last three years is a backlash.. Read More
Spanish engineer creates 4D space fabric for NASA
The fabric could be used to protect astronauts and spacecraft from meteorite impacts A Spanish engineer is being credited with the invention of a ''4D'' space fabric for use by NASA, the hope.. Read More
Pressure mounts on ETA to disband
The end of ETA could mean the relocation of convicted members to Basque prisons Following the high-profile event earlier this month in which representatives of the Basque separatist terrorist.. Read More
Spanish royal visit to the UK put back until July
The visit of Felipe VI to London is rescheduled due to the general election in June The official State visit of King Felipe VI to the UK has finally been postponed again, this time as a result of.. Read More
Spain clamps down on undeclared employment and the black economy
Over 400,000 people have been found working illegally in the last 5 years Fátima Báñez, the Minister for Employment in the national government of Spain, stated this.. Read More
Arrest of former Madrid president adds fuel to the Corrupto-Bus campaign
Ignacio Gonzalez was arrested by the Guardia Civil on suspicion of corruption this week The much publicized ''Tramabus'' campaign organized by political party Podemos, which features a coach decorated.. Read More
Catalan leaders vow to hold independence referendum this year
The rhetoric of Catalan separatism echoes injustices in the past The regional government of Catalunya remains determined to hold a referendum on the issue of independence from Spain during the.. Read More
Dog and cat hunts banned in Aragon and Castilla-La Mancha
The shooting of strays is banned in the towns of Leciñena and Tortola de Henares The Spanish animal rights party Pacma has succeeded in stopping two hunting drives which were planned.. Read More
Two dead in brutal head-on collision in La Rioja
Burnt-out wreckage closes the N-232 near Alfaro Tow lorry drivers lost their lives on Wednesday in the region of La Rioja, where their vehicles collided head-on in an accident which was described.. Read More
Surreal bank hold-up in Cadiz as robber counts out his own money
The robber in Puerto Serrano took 500 euros and left far more in the till There are many different ways in which to approach the task of robbing a bank, but the attitude adopted on Tuesday by a man.. Read More
Spanish property sales up by 9.9 per cent in February
Average prices are also heading upwards across Spain It is now approximately three years since it became apparent that the downward spiral in Spanish property sales was coming to an end after over.. Read More
Controversial Corruption Bus campaign stalls in Madrid
The Podemos Tramabus is criticized as being repugnant and anti-democratic Much attention has been focussed this week on the launching of a new campaign by the Podemos political party to highlight.. Read More
Spanish president called as witness in corruption mega-trial
Mariano Rajoy was secretary general of the PP during the ''Gürtel years'' It was announced on Tuesday that Mariano Rajoy, the president of the Spanish government, has been called to.. Read More
Mallorca caver rescued after 60-hour ordeal
Xisco Gràcia was trapped a kilometre from the entrance to the Sa Piqueta caves Expert caver, potholer and diver Xisco Gràcia finally emerged into the open air in the early hours.. Read More
UK election jeopardizes Spanish royal visit
Felipe VI is scheduled to be in London on the day of the general election One of the many effects of Theresa May's surprise announcement that a general election is to be held in the UK on 8th.. Read More
10-year-old immigrant girl dies as boat capsizes off Almeria
A boat carrying 33 immigrants capsized off the island of Alboran The maritime service vessel Guardamar Polimnia arrived at the port of Almería on Tuesday evening carrying 29 of the 30 would-.. Read More
March air passenger numbers up by 4.5 per cent at Spanish airports
International tourism boosts traffic in Malaga and Alicante Further evidence was provided this week of the continuing boom in the international tourism sector in Spain, with the news that passenger.. Read More
Seat belt cameras come into operation as the Spanish begin Easter weekend
225 cameras are installed to detect seat belt infringements on the roads of Spain The whole of Spain effectively begins a four-day weekend on Wednesday evening, with national holidays on both Maundy.. Read More
Wine consumption in Spain rises after decades of decline
More wine is consumed per person in the UK than in Spain! There was a time, roughly a generation ago, when hardly any Spanish lunch or dinner table was complete without the presence of a bottle.. Read More
Warm weather brings an early start to the Galicia wild fire season
Temperatures top 30 in the Galicia province of Ourense The arrival of warm weather in practically the whole of Spain has come in time to accompany the annual Semana Santa processions, but at.. Read More
Property in Spain after Article 50: reasons to be cheerful after Brexit
Uncertainty in the Spanish real estate market is tinged with optimism for various reasons This week, as Theresa May finally pushed the exit button and triggered Brexit, concerns resurfaced in.. Read More