Spanish government will have enough support to pass budget says minister
Spanish Budget Minister Cristobal Montoro said on Monday he was convinced the centre-right minority government would get enough parliamentary support from opposition parties to approve delayed plans for this year's budget. The long-postponed budget.. Read More
Ballet on the beach front in San Sebastian
1500 children practice their pliés for International Dance Day International Dance Day was celebrated in the Basque city of San Sebastián on Sunday with an event in which close to 1,500 children, most of them girls, showed off their.. Read More
A Coruña councilor under investigation over tipsy Pope poster
The Carnival poster offended the sensibilities of some Catholics in Galicia José Manuel Sande, the councillor who heads the Department of Culture in the Town Hall of A Coruña (Galicia), has been placed under official investigation over.. Read More
Six immigrants enter Melilla in kamikaze car break-in
The Moroccans smashed through the Melilla border fence on Sunday morning Six sub-Saharans gained entry into the Spanish enclave of Melilla on the coast of north Africa on Sunday when one of them drove a car straight through the frontier gate, causing.. Read More
Spanish Socialist heavyweight Diaz to run in divisive primaries
An influential regional leader in Spain's Socialist party, Susana Diaz, threw her hat in the ring on Sunday to lead the centre-left force before a primary that could hold the key for the country's political stability. Diaz, seen as more amenable.. Read More
Almeria mother cleared after taking away her son’s mobile phone
Schoolwork takes priority according to the judge in Almeria The apparent addiction of a large number of young (and not so young) people to their mobile phones is a source of constant exasperation to many, and for them a decision reached by a judge.. Read More
Spain demands the best post-Brexit Gibraltar solution possible
Any special arrangement for Gibraltar will have to be agreed by Spain and the UK Alfonso Dastis, the Minister for Foreign Affairs in the Spanish government, reiterated on Thursday that Spain's intention is to achieve ''the best possible agreement.. Read More
Galicia freezes in early spring snow
Schools closed and widespread disruption as snow sweeps across north-west Spain The cold snap which has marked the start of spring in northern Spain has been welcomed by at least 24,000 schoolchildren in Galicia, as classes were cancelled on.. Read More
Excommunicated Zaragoza village receives boost to witchcraft tourism
Trasmoz was cursed by an abbot in 1511 and the father of Julio Iglesias was kidnapped here in the 1980s A tiny village in the province of Zaragoza (region of Aragón) which was excommunicated from the Catholic Church in 1255 is taking steps to explore.. Read More
Nigerian baby born on Spanish frigate to mother rescued from the Mediterranean
The mother was one of 638 migrants being transported to port in Italy The job being performed by the Spanish navy frigate Canarias in the Mediterranean at the moment is not always a pleasant one, consisting as it does of intercepting and rescuing.. Read More