105 illegal immigrants rescued off the Almería coast
Rescue services had a busy day as four separate boats were located More than 100 illegal immigrants were rescued from four boats off the coastline of the Almería province in the Region of Andalucía on Tuesday, as the wave of small boats which.. Read More
10-year-old immigrant girl dies as boat capsizes off Almeria
A boat carrying 33 immigrants capsized off the island of Alboran The maritime service vessel Guardamar Polimnia arrived at the port of Almería on Tuesday evening carrying 29 of the 30 would-be migrants into Spain who had been rescued after.. Read More
Ceuta frontier guards reinforced by water cannon
The border fence in Ceuta has recently been overwhelmed by hordes of immigrants In recent months the temporary immigrant detention centre in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta in north Africa, on the southern side of the Strait of Gibraltar, has been.. Read More
Six immigrants enter Melilla in kamikaze car break-in
The Moroccans smashed through the Melilla border fence on Sunday morning Six sub-Saharans gained entry into the Spanish enclave of Melilla on the coast of north Africa on Sunday when one of them drove a car straight through the frontier gate, causing.. Read More
Nigerian baby born on Spanish frigate to mother rescued from the Mediterranean
The mother was one of 638 migrants being transported to port in Italy The job being performed by the Spanish navy frigate Canarias in the Mediterranean at the moment is not always a pleasant one, consisting as it does of intercepting and rescuing.. Read More
Migrant rescues increase on sea route to Italy
Some 6,000 migrants have been rescued on the central Mediterranean between North Africa and Italy in the last few days, as greater numbers take that route in warmer weather, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said on Tuesday. The.. Read More
Italy lags on migrant returns as arrival numbers jump
Italy is promising to send more migrants who do not qualify for asylum back home, either by force or with their consent, as a fourth year of mass arrivals of migrants by sea began at a record-setting pace. The number of migrants setting off to reach.. Read More
Cuba’s Raul Castro blasts Trump’s Mexican wall and trade policy
Cuban President Raul Castro harshly criticized U.S. President Donald Trump's immigration, trade and other policies on Sunday as Trump reviews a fragile detente with Communist-run Cuba begun by his predecessor Barack Obama. In his first critical.. Read More
Nearly 1,300 rescued migrants arrive in Sicily over weekend
Almost 1,300 migrants arrived in Sicily on rescue ships over the weekend after crossing the Mediterranean, while a 16-year-old boy died on one of the ships, Italy's Coast Guard said. Italy has seen migrants arriving by boat at a record-setting pace.. Read More
Charities slam Calais ban that could halt food aid for migrants
Charities expressed outrage on Friday as the mayor of French port Calais, which has symbolised Europe's refugee crisis, signed a ban on gatherings that could stop aid groups distributing meals to migrants and refugees. A decree published on Thursday.. Read More
Father of “Spanish Aylan” arrives to identify the body of his son
4-year-old Samuel was found drowned on the beach of Barbate in Cadiz in January The father of Samuel Kabamba, the young immigrant boy whose dead body was found on the beach of Barbate in the province of Cádiz in late January, arrived.. Read More
208 sub-Saharans intercepted while crossing the Mediterranean to Andalucia
Six boats were intercepted by Moroccan and Spanish authorities on Sunday Sunday was an extremely busy day for Spain's maritime rescue serviced in the Alboran Sea, which lies between Andalucía and the north African coast, with a total of 174.. Read More
Drone patrol considered for Ceuta border fence
Airborne surveillance is being sought for the border between Spain and Morocco There has been considerable concern during the last few days over the situation in the north African Spanish enclave of Ceuta, where two mass assaults on the border fence.. Read More
 Field tents installed in Ceuta as immigrant transit centre is swamped by new arrivals
The CETI centre is designed to hold 512 illegal immigrants but is bursting at the seams with over 1400 new arrivals The Comandancia General de Ceuta, one of Spanish two territories on the African continent, has been forced to install field tents.. Read More
Ceuta immigrant centre overwhelmed as over 300 more cross the border fence
Hundreds more sub-Saharans break cross the Spanish frontier in Ceuta The pressure on the Spanish border in the north African enclave of Ceuta, on the southern side of the Strait of Gibraltar, appears to have reached the point recently where.. Read More
500 illegal immigrants break into Ceuta
At least 400 injured clambering over the barbed wire fence on the Spanish border Immigration authorities and the Red Cross in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, on the African side of the Strait of Gibraltar, were overwhelmed on Friday morning as.. Read More
More illegal immigrants climb the Melilla border fence
At least a dozen entered Spain and three people are reported injured The calm which has pervaded at the border fence in the Spanish north African enclave of Melilla in recent months was shattered on Monday morning when a group of around 100.. Read More
Immigrant boy remembered on the beach of Barbate in Cadiz
6-year-old Samuel is dubbed the Aylan of Barbate by protesters Following the discovery last week of the dead body of a 6-year-old boy named Samuel on the beach of Barbate in the province of Cádiz, two hundred people gathered on Tuesday.. Read More
Dead body of 6-year-old immigrant found on Cadiz beach
The boy is believed to have died off the Cadiz coast two weeks ago The problem of illegal immigrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean from Africa into southern Spain and EU territory was once again brought to forefront of the Spanish media.. Read More
73 more illegal immigrants brought ashore in Almeria
Two small boats were intercepted on Saturday between Morocco and Andalucia It seems that nothing can stop the steady flow of African would-be immigrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean into Spain, and on Saturday another 73 were brought ashore.. Read More
Barcelona airport was home to undetected Vietnamese youngsters for 4 days over Xmas
The two girls went undetected at El Prat until 27th December It was revealed on Tuesday that over Christmas two young Vietnamese girls effectively lived for four days in the airport of Barcelona-El Prat without anyone noticing, wandering around.. Read More
Illegal immigration across the Mediterranean doubled in 2016
Over 8,000 Africans succeeded in reaching mainland Spain by crossing the Mediterranean Resources at Spain's temporary illegal immigrant internment centres have been stretched up to and beyond their limits in recent weeks, with instances in M.. Read More
Bodies of illegal immigrants washed up on Cadiz beaches
At least six Africans died while crossing to Andalucia at the weekend Calm sea conditions continue to prevail in the Mediterranean, as they have done since the turn of the year, and as a result the stream of migrants attempting to cross illegally.. Read More
Bodies of five migrants found off Spain's southern coast
Five migrants have been found dead off the southern Spanish coast this weekend, a Spanish police spokeswoman said on Sunday, after another at least eight were discovered off the coast of Libya on Saturday. The bodies of four men and one woman.. Read More
Stowaway immigrant found in engine compartment in Almeria
Two arrested for allowing the man onto the ferry to Andalucia Two men have been arrested by the Guardia Civil after they attempted to smuggle an illegal immigrant into Spain by concealing him in the engine compartment of their Nissan Vanette.. Read More
African immigrants continue to arrive in Andalucia
28 more brought ashore on Monday in the province of Granada The already overstretched illegal immigrant internment centres in Andalucía continue to receive more people who have been rescued or intercepted while crossing the Mediterranean from.. Read More
32 more would-be immigrants brought ashore in Almeria
No let-up in stream of African immigrants heading for Andalucia The first few days of 2017 have been very busy ones for the maritime rescue services in Andalucía as numerous small boats carrying would-be illegal immigrants from northern Africa.. Read More
Illegal immigrants freed in Malaga due to detention centre overcrowding
Many immigrants hope to be intercepted as they cross the Mediterranean into Spain 2017 has begun with a steady stream of illegal immigrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean from northern Africa, and as a result the already overflowing CIE.. Read More
Suitcase immigrant intercepted by Ceuta border guards
The Gabonese man required medical attention after attempting to enter Spain in luggage A 22-year-old Moroccan woman is being held in prison by the authorities in the north African enclave of Ceuta, on the southern side of the Strait of Gibraltar.. Read More
Mass attack on Ceuta border
Two people were hospitalised in Ceuta but the remainder were returned to Morocco Around 1,100 sub-Saharan African migrants tried to cross into Spain's North African enclave of Ceuta from Morocco on Sunday by storming a border fence, though most.. Read More
438 immigrants break their way into Ceuta
Resources at the Ceuta immigration centre are stretched well beyond the limit The situation at Spain's temporary accommodation centres for illegal immigrants continued to come under scrutiny at the weekend, following the arrival of over 400.. Read More
64 more illegal immigrants taken to port in Almeria and Granada
Changing sea conditions fail to stem the flow of immigrants heading for Andalucia Over the last few years the interception of immigrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean into Spain has generally been associated more with the summer months.. Read More
Spanish navy frigate picks up 369 migrants off the coast of Libya
The Navarra has rescued 2,100 migrants from the Mediterranean since September The Spanish navy frigate ''Navarra'', which is taking part in the EU's Operation Sophia to combat the waves of immigrants attempting to reach western Europe, is reported.. Read More
13 more illegal immigrants break out of Madrid internment centre
Problems continue at the CIE immigrant detention centres of Spain Yet another incident occurred on Sunday at the Aluche Immigrant Internment Centre in Madrid, where 13 inmates are reported to have escaped after they and their companions deliberately.. Read More
Two arrested for smuggling month-old baby into Melilla in a travel bag
The baby was suffering the onset of suffocation when discovered by a border guard Two women, a 31-year-old Spaniard and a 27-year-old Moroccan national, have been arrested by border guards in the north African enclave of Melilla after they attempted.. Read More
The five victims died on board a small boat heading for Spain from Africa A Senegalese national has been arrested by the Policía Nacional in Cádiz in connection with the organization of perilous voyages in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.. Read More
Ten immigrants found inside truck in Barcelona
The refugees believed they had made their way to England Staff at the logistical centre of clothes retail chain Mango in the Lliçà d'Amunt industrial estate in Barcelona were surprised on Wednesday morning to find that.. Read More
Illegal immigrants moved from Ceuta to mainland Spain
Overcrowding in Ceuta leads to sub-Saharans being transported to Madrid and Murcia The conditions at Spain's temporary immigrant internment centres (CIEs) has been in the spotlight in recent weeks, with mutinies and breakouts being staged by those.. Read More
Six more immigrant boats rescued off Andalucia and Murcia on Thursday
109 Africans brought ashore in Cartagena, Almeria and Motril Thursday was yet another busy day for Spain's maritime rescue service, with six separate operations resulting in the interception and rescue of 109 illegal immigrants who were attempting.. Read More
Madrid Mayoress calls for immigrant internment centres to be scrapped
Manuela Carmena advocates monitored apartments for illegal migrants Recent incidents at various of the temporary immigrant detention centres in Spain (CIEs), particularly those of Madrid, Barcelona and Murcia, have led to increased concerns over.. Read More
Second mutiny in ten days at Barcelona immigrant internment centre
70 Algerians took part in the protest and attempted to escape via the kitchen For the second time in ten days the temporary immigrant detention centre (CIE) in Barcelona was the scene of a mutiny on Tuesday evening, when approximately 70 people.. Read More
32 migrants and 3 police required treatment following migrant entry into Ceuta
About 200 African migrants forced their way through a barbed wire fence into Spain's North African enclave of Ceuta on Monday, clashing with Spanish police who tried to prevent them from crossing the border with Morocco. Thirty-two migrants.. Read More
200 illegal immigrants enter Ceuta
32 treated in Ceuta hospital after climbing the 6-metre border fence A mass assault on the Spanish border fence in the enclave of Ceuta, in north Africa, is reported to have ended with at least 200 Africans successfully entering EU territory on.. Read More
Immigrants interned in Barcelona begin hunger strike
The Algerian immigrants are upset after being held for up to 60 days in Barcelona After a summer in which the attempts by would-be African immigrants to cross the Mediterranean into Spanish territory have been in the news on an almost daily basis.. Read More
Mutiny at Madrid immigrant internment centre
Up to 50 north Africans attempt to escape from the Aluche centre in Madrid As the number of illegal immigrants held in Spain's internment centres increases following the wave of Africans attempting to cross the Mediterranean into EU territory during.. Read More
Young immigrant detained in Ceuta inside bus engine
Under 10 per cent of unaccompanied young immigrants in Ceuta return to their families Over recent weeks the focus of attention regarding illegal immigration from Africa into Spain has been almost entirely on the flotilla of small boats and dinghies.. Read More
Illegal immigrants released in Motril as accommodation centre is full to capacity
The 59 sub-Saharans have been redistributed from Granada to Madrid and Valencia Despite the weather having turned and conditions in the Mediterranean having worsened, there is still a steady flow of sub-Saharans attempting to cross from Africa on.. Read More
No let-up in flow of would-be immigrants heading for Spain from Africa
Sub-Saharans rescued from tiny inflatable boats off the coast of Andalucia Still there is no let-up in the steady flow of would-be immigrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean and reach the Spanish mainland, with calm seas having led to.. Read More
Madagascar albino among immigrants brought ashore in Motril
Over 120 immigrants were rescued and brought to Granada on Sunday With sea conditions in the Mediterranean continuing to be unusually calm during the early autumn there is no sign as yet of any let-up in the steady flow of would-be immigrants attempting.. Read More
 Immigrant gives birth in Almeria after breaking waters on rescue helicopter
The woman was among 29 rescued from two boats off the Almeria coastline The stream of African would-be immigrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean into Spanish territory shows no sign of abating just yet, and on Thursday another 18 were intercepted.. Read More
Baby among 54 immigrants rescued on their way to Granada
The sub-Saharans were taken to port in Motril on Tuesday The slight worsening of conditions at sea appears to be having little effect on the steady stream of would-be immigrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean from north Africa to the.. Read More
53 immigrants brought to Motril as the flotilla from Morocco continues
Over 360 Africans intercepted off the coast of Spain in the last week The calm conditions in the Mediterranean over the last fortnight have led to a steady stream of would-be immigrants setting sail aboard tiny boats from northern Africa in an attempt.. Read More
60 immigrants delivered straight back to Morocco from Ceuta
The sub-Saharans spent 7 hours on the Ceuta border fence 60 would-be illegal immigrants endured a fruitless seven hours perched on top of the border fence which separates the Spanish enclave of Ceuta from Morocco on Saturday before being summarily.. Read More
107 immigrants brought ashore in Motril on Tuesday
Calm conditions in the Mediterranean are encouraging Africans to attempt the crossing Over the last couple of weeks the calm late summer sea conditions in the Mediterranean have encouraged hundreds of would-be illegal immigrants to undertake their.. Read More
Madrid Mayoress praises illegal immigrants in Melilla
For Manuela Carmena the immigrants set an example of ''social enterprise'' Manuela Carmena, the controversial Mayoress of the city of Madrid, hit the headlines once again on Monday by making some unexpected comments on the incident in the north.. Read More
Two arrested Tarifa for cramming Moroccan immigrant into their car boot
The woman was hidden in a tiny compartment on the ferry to Andalucia from Tangiers A father and son aged 28 and 54 have been arrested by the Policía Nacional in Tarifa after they were caught attempting to smuggle a young Moroccan woman into Spain.. Read More
Over 100 African immigrants cross the fence into Melilla
Studded shoes enable African immigrants to clamber into Spain A mass assault on the border fence which separates the Spanish enclave of Melilla on the north African coast from the Kingdom of Morocco ended with over a hundred people succeeding in.. Read More
Cadiz authorities rescue immigrants from tiny dinghies and a surfboard
24 African immigrants were taken ashore on Tuesday in Tarifa The end of August is seeing a sharp increase in the number of would-be immigrants from Africa being picked up by the Spanish authorities while on their way across the Mediterranean to.. Read More
August ends with another 65 immigrants brought ashore in Almeria
Three small boats were intercepted off the Almeria coastline The number of would-be immigrants being intercepted while on their way across the Mediterranean to the southern shores of Spain may be a mere trickle in comparison to the situation in.. Read More
80 illegal immigrants intercepted and taken to Almeria
Maritime rescue services are kept busy along the coast of eastern Andalucia While the flood of illegal immigrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean into Italy continues to make the headlines all over Europe, it should not be forgotten that the.. Read More
50 illegal immigrants detained off the Almería coast
10 women were amongst the 50 sub-Saharan and Moroccan migrants The post-Ramadam wave of illegal immigrants attempting to enter Spain by sea continues, as good weather assists small boats to make the crossing from the African to the Spanish coast.. Read More
28 fairground attraction stowaways detained in Ceuta
Algerians attempt to hide in bumper cars bound for Spain Every year the arrival of the fairground attractions for the annual fiestas in the enclave of Ceuta, on the north African coast alongside the Strait of Gibraltar, is anticipated with enthusiasm.. Read More
6 separate boatloads were intercepted off the coastlines of Almería, Alicante and Murcia The national marine rescue services, Salvamento Marítimo and the coastal patrols of the Guardia Civil rescued 130 illegal immigrants travelling in 6 different.. Read More
More Europe-bound migrants may be dying in Sahara than at sea
African migrants trying to reach Europe may well be dying in greater numbers in the Sahara desert than the thousands who have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea, a migration tracking organisation said on Friday. A report by 4mi, an affiliate.. Read More
Young children among rescued immigrants taken to Almeria
16 people were rescued on Monday from near the Isle of Alboran During the summer, when the water of the Mediterranean is generally calmer than at other times of year, there is a tendency for the number of people attempting to migrate illegally from.. Read More
Almost 3,000 illegal immigrants picked up so far in 2016 by Spanish maritime rescue
The would-be immigrants were on board 152 small boats in the Mediterranean Much attention throughout Europe is currently focused, and rightly so, on the migratory pressure being placed on the EU by refugees and other potential immigrants attempting.. Read More
Italian coastguard and navy ships rescued over 3,300 migrants in 26 separate operations in the Mediterranean over the weekend, a spokesperson for the Italian navy told Reuters on Sunday. The people were picked up from 25 dinghies and one boat.. Read More
Fast-track immigrant expulsions continue in Ceuta
Spain has been reminded by the UN that the practice contravenes international law The controversial practice of returning would-be illegal immigrants to Morocco without observing the relevant administrative and legal protocols is still being carried.. Read More
90 immigrants intercepted on their way to Andalucia and Gran Canaria
The sub-Saharans picked up include a mother and her three children The start of summer traditionally coincides with an increase in the numbers of would-be illegal immigrants making their way towards Spanish territory across the Mediterranean to.. Read More
Two sub-Saharans arrested for endangering the lives of fellow immigrants
The small boat in which they were travelling capsized off the coast of Ceuta Two would-be illegal immigrants, one from Gambia and the other from Guinea, have been arrested after the small boat of which they were in charge capsized while carrying.. Read More
Melilla immigrants rescued from scrap metal ship bound for mainland Spain
The stowaways created hidden compartments under piles of scrap metal Officers of the Guardia Civil have extracted two immigrants from fragile hidden compartments after they were found under a mountain of scrap metal on board a ship which was preparing.. Read More
4 children among 38 immigrants intercepted crossing the Mediterranean
The 38 sub-Saharans were brought ashore in Granada on Sunday night 38 sub-Saharan illegal immigrants including four children were intercepted by the Spanish maritime rescue service on Sunday afternoon after their position in the Alboran sea had.. Read More
8-year-old boy among 82 illegal immigrants rescued off Motril
82 immigrants were picked up off the coast of Granada on Monday 82 would-be illegal immigrants were brought to shore in the Granada port of Motril on Monday afternoon by the Spanish maritime rescue services, among them an 8-year-old boy, after.. Read More
119 illegal immigrants swim into Spain via Ceuta
Low tide and calm conditions made the task easier for the immigrants in Ceuta Over 100 illegal immigrants managed to gain entry into Spain's north African enclave of Ceuta on Sunday, taking advantage of low tide and calm sea conditions to cross.. Read More
EU court upholds Spanish refusal to allow Moroccan immigrant to bring his family into Spain
The European Union's highest court on Thursday upheld a Spanish judge's refusal to let a Moroccan resident bring his wife to join him because he had failed to show he would earn enough to support them both. In a judgement that joins others in the.. Read More
135 immigrants intercepted and rescued off the coast of Andalucia
Babies and pregnant women are among those taken to port in Granada and Malaga The last few days have seen a spate of would-be immigrants into Spain being intercepted or rescued as they attempted to make their way across the Mediterranean, the latest.. Read More
Almería students spot immigrants, not whales
Students on a whale spotting trip experienced a different type of adventure A group of students from Almería on a whale watching trip found themselves caught up in the daily drama of the immigrant crisis when instead of the hoped-for whales.. Read More
Rejection of Melilla immigrants raises moral and legal arguments
Critics claim that the return of immigrants to Morocco is illegal and immoral The issue of immigration and deportation has been hotly debated in Spain in recent weeks as a consequence of the controversy over the EU's policy regarding refugees in.. Read More
More illegal immigrants intercepted in Ceuta and the Canaries
51 rescued from the Atlantic between Africa and the Canaries, 30 arrive in Ceuta Following the arrival of 42 immigrants on the Isle of Alboran at the weekend it seems that the arrival of spring has sparked another wave of attempted boat crossings.. Read More
Spanish politicians unite to reject the mass deportation of refugees
Common ground is found between the main political parties of Spain In what is being hailed by some sectors of the press as an unprecedented move, all of the main political parties in Spain have joined forces in rejecting the proposal that the EU.. Read More
Melilla border guards intercept 10 illegal immigrants hidden in motor vehicles
African immigrants attempt to cross into Spain in tiny hidden compartments While the attention of Europe is focussed on the EU's plans to return migrants to Turkey, the situation at the Spanish border in the north African enclave of Melilla continues.. Read More
Spain offers vastly reduced immigrant quota at EU summit
Mariano Rajoy will offer to accept just 450 refugees from Turkey and Greece With the future of Spain's government still unclear two and a half months after the general election President Mariano Rajoy is in Brussels on Monday to make an offer concerning.. Read More
Nine immigrants rescued from the Strait of Gibraltar
The sub-Saharans were taken ashore safely in the port of Tarifa Nine would-be illegal immigrants from the sub-Saharan region of Africa were rescued from a small inflatable launch in the Strait of Gibraltar on Wednesday morning, after one of those.. Read More
Two-year sentence for brother of deceased Almeria suitcase immigrant
The victim died in a suitcase in the hold of the Melilla-Almeria ferry Abdelwahab M., a French national of Moroccan origin, has received a suspended sentence of two years in prison in relation to the death of his brother last summer when he attempted.. Read More
Spanish frigate rescues 113 immigrants off the Libyan coast
Over 100 people were crammed onto a 12-metre dinghy heading for Europe 113 prospective illegal immigrants into Europe were intercepted and rescued by the Spanish navy frigate ''Numancia'' off the coast of Libya on Wednesday after they were spotted.. Read More
Illegal immigrant into Spain charged with murdering fellow travellers
The Cameroon national beat other immigrants and threw them overboard A Cameroon national identified by the authorities as ''A.N.B.'', who was among the survivors of a failed attempt to gain illegal entry into Spain in late 2014, is to face six charges.. Read More
Almost a hundred immigrants have been intercepted already this year in Ceuta Sixteen illegal immigrants were detained by the rescue services in the north African enclave of Ceuta on the southern side of the Strait of Gibraltar in the early hours.. Read More
Salvamento Marítimo and the Guardia rescue 34 immigrants off the Andalucía coastline
Two boat loads of immigrants were detected early on Monday morning Salvamento Marítimo, the Spanish marine rescue services, and the Guardia Civil, rescued 23 immigrants travelling on board a vessel in an area close to the island of Abor&aacute.. Read More
Ceuta border controls frighten tourists away
Queues of up to 4 hours to enter Spain from Morocco The Chamber of Commerce of Ceuta, the Spanish enclave on the north African coast on the southern side of the Strait of Gibraltar, has warned the authorities in the city that the stringent border.. Read More
3,592 illegal migrants arrived in Spain via sea during 2015
Most of those attempting to enter Europe by sea do so via Greece The United Nations High Commission have presented figures showing the numbers of migrants believed to have sought refuge or resettlement in the European Union this year, the figure.. Read More
Madrid provides public health care to irregular immigrants
All immigrants are entitled to see a doctor in the region of Madrid The Town Hall of Madrid has launched a campaign to make immigrants whose paperwork is not in order aware of their rights to receive public health care, using the slogan ''Aunque.. Read More
African immigrants intercepted off the Almería coast
The 52 Africans were taken to Almería in good health 52 would-be illegal sub-Saharan immigrants into Spain, 13 of them women, were intercepted early on Wednesday morning by marine rescue personnel 52 miles south of Adra, on the coast of the province.. Read More
Melilla border guards on alert status
Two more attempts to scale the border fence between Spain and Morocco Two attempts to launch assaults on the Spanish border fences in the north African enclave of Melilla on Wednesday have prompted the Guardia Civil to activate its special anti-.. Read More
 Spanish navy rescues 268 immigrants from Mediterranean
The African immigrants were adrift in the Mediterranean between Libya and Spain 268 more illegal immigrants were rescued from a wooden boat which was adrift in the Mediterranean on Thursday by the crew of the frigate ''Canarias'', bringing the.. Read More
Illegal immigrant still in coma after falling from Melilla border fence
Three companions landed on top of the victim as part of the Melilla fence collapsed The would-be illegal immigrant who was taken into the Intensive Care Unit of the Comarcal de Melilla on Saturday is still in a state of induced coma as doctors treat.. Read More
Mass assault on Melilla border fence
Three other immigrants fell on the man as he climbed the Spanish border fence Another mass assault on the border fences separating Morocco from the Spanish enclave of Melilla in northern Africa on Saturday ended with just two men managing to.. Read More
24 feared dead as immigrant boat capsizes on the way to Gran Canaria
Rescue services have brought 22 survivors to port in Arguineguín The dead body of an illegal immigrant has been found in the Atlantic alongside a small boat which capsized 128 miles from the coast of Gran Canaria on Tuesday, following a dramatic.. Read More
Ceuta immigrants rescued from hidden compartments in abandoned vehicle
The two sub-Saharans were in danger of breathing toxic fumes Two would-be immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa were rescued by the Guardia Civil in Ceuta on Wednesday, when they were discovered in hidden compartments inside a vehicle bearing false.. Read More
Four African migrants drown, dozens missing off Moroccan coast
Four African migrants drowned and up to 35 were missing after their boat sank in the Mediterranean in the early hours of Thursday around 40 miles (65 km) north of the Moroccan coast, Spanish sea rescue services said. Lifeguards pulled four bodies.. Read More
The young Moroccans were hoping to stow away on ships bound for mainland Spain Three immigrants aged under 18 were arrested by the Guardia Civil last Friday in Melilla for throwing stones at a security guard in an attempt to gain access to a breakwater.. Read More