Princess Cristina hopes to ban the use of Noos Case trial images
The sister of Felipe VI considers exercising the right to be forgotten Pau Molins, a lawyer representing the King of Spain's younger sister Princess Cristina, has revealed that his client is considering.. Read More
Spanish public shows increased concern over corruption cases
Catalan independence barely features in the latest Spanish public opinion survey The latest public opinion survey published by Spain's sociological research institute shows that of all of the problems.. Read More
The brother-in-law of Felipe VI escapes immediate imprisonment
Iñaki Urdangarín is freed on bail in Palma pending his appeal Iñaki Urdangarín, the husband of Spain's Princess Cristina and former Duke of Palma, was most probably a.. Read More
Court will decide on Thursday whether to imprison husband of Princess Cristina immediately
The husband of the princess and his business partner were both given prison sentences which are being appealed The court in La Palma, which has been overseeing the caso Nóos, has called a closed.. Read More
Princess Cristina not guilty but fined, Iñaki Urdangarin guilty but not in jail
The Noos case verdicts and the effect on the monarchy explained as Spain digests the news The biggest news story of the week has without any shadow of a doubt been the announcement of the verdicts.. Read More
Noos case trial in Palma: the full verdict
The longest prison sentence is for the former business partner of Iñaki Urdangarin The main news in the verdicts of the Noos Case trial in Palma, which were made public shortly after.. Read More
The Noos Case saga involving the sister of the King of Spain and her husband
Eleven years of investigation prior to the verdicts in Palma this Friday When Princess Cristina married Olympic handball star Iñaki Urdangarín in 1997 there was general satisfaction.. Read More
Princess Cristina found not guilty by Palma court
Iñaki Urdangarin is sentenced to 6 years and 3 months in prison The attention of the Spanish media was almost exclusively focused on the court of Palma in Mallorca on Friday morning.. Read More
Spain consolidates its reputation for corruption
Spain ranks behind Botswana and Chile in the transparency rankings As high-profile corruption cases continue to feature strongly in the Spanish media on an almost daily basis it comes as no surprise.. Read More
Iñaki Urdangarin turns 49 awaiting Noos Case verdict
The brother-in-law of Felipe VI could celebrate his 50th birthday in prison Sunday 15th January was the 49th birthday of Iñaki Urdangarin, the husband of Princess Cristina of Spain.. Read More
Marksman freed after simulating assassinations of the King of Spain
The fake attacks in Madrid were intended to highlight deficient security protocols Santiago Sánchez, a 47-year-old expert marksman, has been found not guilty of all charges levelled.. Read More
Noos case verdicts postponed until March
The judge in Palma de Mallorca needs another 4 months to reach her verdicts Criticisms are often leveled at the Spanish judicial and legal systems regarding the length of time it takes for cases.. Read More
Spanish press prepare for upcoming high-profile court cases
Princess Cristina and Rodrigo Rato will be back in the Spanish headlines this autumn The end of August marks the start of a new ''judicial year'' in the courts of Spain, and there are plenty of high.. Read More
Supreme Court upholds the right to privacy for husband of Princess Cristina
The business partner of Iñaki Urdangarín had no right to leak personal emails to the media says the court On Tuesday the Spanish Supreme Court ratified a judgement made against Diego.. Read More
Barcelona Town Hall rejects motion to declare Felipe VI persona non grata
The CUP motion against the royal family in Barcelona failed to prosper After over a year of causing offence to Spanish institutions, either deliberately or by accident, the Town Hall of Barcelona.. Read More
Holiday uncertainty for Felipe VI and the rest of the Spanish royal family
The general election result may rob the King of Spain of his summer holidays Felipe VI of Spain will this weekend be in central America to attend the official opening ceremony of the newly widened.. Read More
Princess Cristina in court for the last day of the Noos trial
The tribunal in Palma de Mallorca will now retire to consider their verdicts Princess Cristina, the sister of King Felipe VI, and her husband Iñaki Urdangarín were back in the courts.. Read More
Felipe VI completes two years as King of Spain
The popularity of the Spanish monarchy has increased since Juan Carlos I abdicated Sunday 19th June marked the second anniversary of the proclamation of Felipe VI as King of Spain following the.. Read More
Charges maintained against Princess Cristina at the end of the Noos trial
The sister of the King of Spain could face up to eight years behind bars The week's proceedings at the Caso Nóos trial in Palma de Mallorca have concluded with the prosecution confirming that it.. Read More
Noos corruption trial enters the final straight in Palma de Mallorca
Tax officials deny being instructed to be lenient with Princess Cristina The high-profile witnesses and the accused have already given evidence in the Nóos Case corruption trial in Palma de Mallorca.. Read More
Spanish Royal Household publishes its accounts
Felipe VI and his family underspent in 2015 by 177,000 euros For the first time ever the Spanish Royal Household has published its fully audited accounts, showing that of the 7.7-million-euro budget.. Read More
Rita Barberá denies reaching any agreement with the brother-in-law of Felipe VI Rita Barberá, who was the PP Mayoress of the city of Valencia for twenty years prior to last.. Read More
Republican flags cause controversy in the capitals of La Rioja and Andalucia
Republican flags cause controversy in the capitals of La Rioja and Andalucia Proposals are made to fly the flag in Logroño and Sevilla on 14th April With so many disputes concerning.. Read More
Former Noos adviser denies responsibility for tax evasion and misappropriation
The husband of Princess Cristina is back in the firing line in the Noos case trial Miguel Tejeiro, one of the key witnesses in the Nóos Case trial which is being held in Palma de Mallorca, turned.. Read More
 Former Noos adviser implies the innocence of Princess Cristina
Miguel Tejeiro points the finger at Iñaki Urdangarin and Diego Torres As another week of declarations draws to a close in the Nóos Case trial in Palma de Mallorca the headlines are being.. Read More
The lack of a government is not yet a cause of concern for Spaniards
The Spanish public are increasingly worried about corruption The latest public opinion survey published by Spain's Sociological Research Centre (CIS) reports that the public are relatively unconcerned.. Read More
Princess  Cristina tells fraud trial her husband handled all expenses
Spain's Princess Cristina finally made her much-anticipated court appearance on Thursday as the Caso Nóos trial continues to examine the business dealings of her husband and his business partner... Read More
 Urdangarin points the finger at the Spanish royal household
The brother in law of Felipe VI proclaims his innocence in the Noos Case trial Having spent a few days in Switzerland with his wife, Princess Cristina, and their four children, Iñaki Urdangar.. Read More
Spanish royals knew my business, princess's husband tells court
The husband of Spain's Princess Cristina said on Wednesday the royal family was fully aware of the business deals of his not-for-profit organisation, the subject of an investigation that has landed.. Read More
Aspersions cast on the Spanish Royal Household in the Noos trial
Diego Torres claims that Hacienda and the royal family authorized Instituto Noos The proceedings in the Nóos Case trial in Palma de Mallorca are now nearing their climax, and while the Spanish media.. Read More
Court appearance of Princess Cristina postponed
The Spanish media await the declarations of Cristina and her husband As the Nóos case trial in Palma de Mallorca continues the long-awaited appearances of Princess Cristina and her husband I&.. Read More
Latest Noos Case witness denies any wrongdoing by Princess Cristina
Instituto Noos accountant says that the sister of the king never gave him instructions The latest developments in the Nóos Case trial in Palma de Mallorca on Tuesday morning centred on the declarations.. Read More
Princess Cristina to give evidence in court earlier than expected
The evidence mounts against Iñaki Urdangarin in the court of Palma de Mallorca The provincial court of Palma de Mallorca has announced a change in the scheduled appearances of the accused.. Read More
Princess Cristina in court in Palma de Mallorca for the start of the Noos trial
José Luis Ballester blames the wrongdoings on Iñaki Urdangarín and the former president of the Balearics Princess Cristina and her husband Iñaki Urdangarín arrived on Tuesday.. Read More
Special report: Politics and princesses drag Spain's King Felipe into the spotlight
The monarch must steer a careful through a rapidly changing Spain Sympathy for the Spanish monarchy is in short supply among the spectators heading into a theatre in Madrid's edgy Lavapies district.. Read More
Spanish royal visit to UK postponed
Inconclusive negotiations to form a government have prompted the royals to postpone their visit to Britain On Thursday Spain's King Felipe and Queen Letizia announced that their planned state visit.. Read More
Barcelona Town Hall withdraws honour from Princess Cristina
The sister of the King of Spain is presumed guilty by the city where she lived The Nóos Case trial is now under way in Palma de Mallorca, with the main charges being faced by Iñaki Urdangar.. Read More
Princess Cristina in court as Nóos case finally comes to trial
Spain's Princess Cristina appeared in court on Monday on charges of tax fraud, the first member of the royal family to stand in the dock, as a lengthy investigation into her husband's business affairs.. Read More
Caso Nóos trial under way in Palma de Mallorca
The Noos trial is one of the most anticipated media events of the year At 8.10 on Monday morning Princess Cristina arrived at the courts in Palma de Mallorca for the first session of the hearing.. Read More
Nóos trial dates set: Princess Cristina to testify at the end of February
18 defendants and 363 witnesses are scheduled to appear in the Nóos trial in Palma As the Nóos Case trial approaches, it has been announced by the Provincial Court of the Balearics in Palma de.. Read More
Royal Ferraris to be auctioned off by the Spanish government
The two unused Ferraris were given to King Juan Carlos I in 2011 The Ministry of Hacienda has announced that on 6th November two Ferraris which were presented to King Juan Carlos I four years ago.. Read More
Annual military parade marks national holiday on 12th October
Separatist regions declined the invitation to attend with the guest list a barometer of political infighting The date of 12th October is marked by a national holiday in Spain, the date commemorating.. Read More
 Princess Cristina to stand trial in Mallorca on 11th January
The Nóos Case finally comes to court in Palma de Mallorca The provincial court of Palma de Mallorca has finally set the date for the start of the trial in which Princess Cristina, the King of Spain.. Read More
Lost in translation: White House mistranslation discomforts King of Spain
Felipe VI was keen for references to Catalunya not to be misinterpreted A translator at the press conference given in the White House after a meeting between Barack Obama and King Felipe VI of.. Read More
Palma de Mallorca court deposit reduced for Princess Cristina
The potential fine faced by Cristina is reduced by 2 million euros The courts of Palma de Mallorca have agreed to reduce the amount which Princess Cristina, the sister of King Felipe VI, is required.. Read More
King and Queen of Spain on official visit to Mexico
Felipe VI makes his first visit to Latin America since becoming King of Spain Felipe VI and Queen Letizia have arrived in Mexico City at the start of a three-day State visit, their first to Latin.. Read More
The King of Spain advocates unity between Spain and Catalunya
Felipe VI calls for Catalunya and the rest of Spain to work together for a better future Regional president Artur Mas probably failed to appreciate the lecture as he continues to steer a firm course.. Read More
Princess Cristina finally sells palatial home in Barcelona
The princess and her husband will deposit 2.3 million euros with the Palma de Mallorca courts Princess Cristina and her husband, Iñaki Urdangarin, finally said goodbye on Monday to their.. Read More
Felipe VI calls upon the nobility of Spain to set an example
The King of Spain reminds the nobles of the country of their duties King Felipe VI of Spain took an opportunity on Tuesday to remind the country's nobility of their duty to honour their ancestors.. Read More
Queen Letizia of Spain named FAO United Nations Special Ambassador for Nutrition
The Queen undertook to help raise awareness of the work undertaken by the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations On Friday Queen Letizia of Spain was appointed Special Ambassador.. Read More
King Felipe takes away Duchess of Palma title from his sister Cristina
Felipe VI of Spain continues his campaign to protect the image of the monarchy King Felipe VI of Spain has taken the decision to deprive his sister of the title of Duchess of Palma, following months.. Read More
Queen Letizia in Chanel-style chic for Príncipe de Viana awards
The event took place in the setting of the Monasterio de San Salvador de Leyre (Navarra) On Wednesday the Spanish Royal Couple, King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia undertook one of their many oficial.. Read More
King of Spain given full honours on official visit to France
Queen Letizia has attracted widespread coverage with stunning outfits and new haircut This Tuesday King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia began their third visit to France in under a year since the proclamation.. Read More
King of Spain visits army field hospital training exercise
The exercise in Zaragoza is to increase efficiency in treating those wounded in battle King Felipe VI of Spain paid a visit on Wednesday to the San Gregorio Cenad army training centre to inspect.. Read More
Former King of Spain at Madrid bullfights
Juan Carlos I presided over the Corrida at the Feria de San Isidro in Madrid King Juan Carlos I, who abdicated from the throne in favour of his son Felipe VI last year, presided over the bullfights.. Read More
Nóos case summary arrives at Palma de Mallorca court
76,000 pages of evidence in the case in which Princess Cristina will stand trial In preparation for the trial of 18 defendants in the Nóos Case the documentation compiled by Instructing Judge.. Read More
The Princess of Asturias celebrates her First Communion in Madrid
Leonor is the daughter of King Felipe VI of Spain and granddaughter of Juan Carlos I Throughout Spain at this time of year children aged nine and ten are celebrating their First Communion, an event.. Read More
Princess Cristina one step closer to standing trial
No date has yet been set for the Nóos Case trial in Palma de Mallorca The notoriously slow Spanish legal system is slowly grinding along in its procedures to bring the Nóos Case to trial, and this.. Read More
Princess Cristina lawyers maintain innocence in Nóos trial subissions
Her lawyers claim that Cristina played no active part in tax evasion schemes Princess Cristina's lawyers presented their written defence of their client to the courts on Wednesday, denying that she.. Read More
Valencia Deputy Mayor resigns amidst Nóos investigations
Alfonso Grau is to stand trial as part of the Nóos corruption case Alfonso Grau, until now the Deputy Mayor of Valencia, resigned on Monday as a result of his alleged involvement in the Nóos corruption.. Read More
Spanish Supreme Court closes King Juan Carlos paternity suit case
The court has reviewed the evidence and decided there is insufficient evidence to pursue the case The Spanish Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that a paternity suit brought against former Spanish.. Read More
Princess Cristina finally allowed to sell her Barcelona home
The Judge has formally lifted an embargo on the ''Pedralbes palace'' After over a month of deliberations and negotiations Judge José Castro has finally given his full approval to the sale of the.. Read More
Mallorca court to decide the date of the Nóos Case trial after 1st April
Iñaki Urdangarín, the Duke of Palma, and his wife Princess Cristina both face charges Having finalized his list of the individuals who are to face charges, and decided despite heated.. Read More
The Duke of Palma pleads to be allowed to pay 2009 tax bill
The husband of Princess Cristina has to deposit 6.1 million euros with the courts Iñaki Urdangarín, the Duke of Palma and husband of Princess Cristina, has appealed against the ruling.. Read More
Without King Juan Carlos being forced to give DNA test paternity case could stagnate
The case against Juan Carlos is bedeviled by contradictions and incongruities The announcement last week that the Spanish courts are to accept a paternity suit filed against former King Juan Carlos.. Read More
King Felipe VI of Spain awards himself a pay cut
Felipe continues to streamline the Spanish monarchy King Felipe VI is continuing along his path of modernizing and streamlining the Spanish monarchy in order to ensure that it is not resented as.. Read More
Supreme Court formally admits paternity suit against former King Juan Carlos I
The former King of Spain is alleged to have a third daughter The Supreme Court of Spain has taken the next step forward in agreeing to hear the paternity suit against former King Juan Carlos I filed.. Read More
Princess Cristina reported to be upset at knock-down sale of her Barcelona property
The Pedralbes palace is reportedly being sold at a 40% discount due to the need to raise cash In the wake of the news that Princess Cristina of Spain and her husband Iñaki Urdangarón.. Read More
Princess Cristina reported to have sold her Barcelona palace
The Pedralbes palace could have been snapped up for 6 million euros Reports in the Spanish media are claiming that Princess Cristina and her husband Iñaki Urdangarín have reached an agreement.. Read More
Former King Juan Carlos I of Spain faces paternity suit
Allegations of infidelity have dogged the former monarch throughout his reign The Supreme Court admits one paternity suit and rejects another Following the recent announcement that Princess Cristina.. Read More
Felipe VI of Spain shows the Midas touch in rebuilding support for the monarchy
The monarchy disappears from the list of the greatest perceived problems facing Spain Ever since 1985 Spain's Institute of Sociological Studies has compiled a monthly survey to identify which problems.. Read More
Judge Castro will not admit an appeal from Princess Cristina against court trial
Judge Castro maintains that the sister of the King will stand trial Despite the announcement by investigating judge José Castro on 22nd December that no appeal would be admitted against the decision.. Read More
Princess Cristina of Spain will stand trial in Mallorca for tax fraud
After months of uncertainty Judge Castro has disregarded the recommendations of the public prosecutor While most of the Spanish media focused on Monday morning on the El Gordo draw, Judge José Castro.. Read More
Princess Cristina deposits 600,000 euros in the wrong bank account
The sister of the King of Spain still awaits news on whether she will have to stand trial Just when it seemed that there couldn't possibly be any more bizarre twists in the Nóos Case involving Princess.. Read More
Princess Cristina pays nearly 600,000 to Mallorca courts
This is the amount she allegedly gained illegally in the Caso Nóos Cristina de Borbón, the sister of King Felipe VI and sixth in line to the throne, has paid 587,413.58€ into the safe.. Read More
Lawyer representing Princess Cristina requests case be dropped against her
Cristina will pay nearly 600,000 euros immediately to Hacienda Following the recent announcement by Pedro Horrach, the public prosecutor of the Balearics, that he is not intending to bring Princess.. Read More
Public prosecutor recommends Princess Cristina of Spain should not face trial for tax fraud
The sister of the King of Spain could be fined without trial The official prosecutor in the Nóos Case, Pedro Horrach, has announced the charges and proposed sentences which he will be presenting.. Read More
Husband of Princess Cristina could face 20 years in jail
Charges for Caso Nóos corruption case to be presented on Tuesday After over four years of judicial investigation, Tuesday is the day when it will finally be known how the prosecution intends to.. Read More
Spanish royal family clamp down on freebies
Felipe VI continues the streamlining process of the Spanish royal family The self-imposed clampdown on the benefits enjoyed by Spain's royal family will continue next year, as King Felipe VI pushes.. Read More
Corruption tarnishes the image of Spain both at home and abroad
This week the CIS survey say 63% named corruption as one of leading problems in Spain: when the government came to power in 2011 the equivalent figure was 6% The perception of Spain abroad is weakened.. Read More
Pungent Politics perfume satirizes political corruption in Spain
A sausage-smelling scent is the perfect Christmas present for Spanish politicians The Valencia-based perfume company Perfumarte has launched an unusual new product, which its managing director Jos.. Read More
Rajoy says Spain is not corrupt, it just has some corrupt people in it
The President maintains that all ''corruption damages democracy and discredits Spain'' 24 hours after the forced resignation of his Health Minister Over the last few months the steady flow of.. Read More
Princess Cristina court case delayed by new witnesses
The deputy Mayor of Valencia produces 15 more witnesses in the Nóos Case Judge José Castro has officially delayed the procedures which could lead to Princess Cristina of Spain standing trial as.. Read More
Swiss banking laws weaken the case against Luis Bárcenas
Spanish corruption investigations jeopardized by a Swiss court ruling Luis Bárcenas, the former PP party treasurer accused of using double accounting systems to redirect illegal party.. Read More
Princess Cristina of Spain could renounce her right to the throne
Corruption charges lead to pressure on the sister of the King of Spain Speculation is rife in the Spanish press that Princess Cristina, the younger of King Felipe VI's two sisters, may be on the.. Read More
Mallorca court refuses to drop tax fraud charges against Princess Cristina of Spain
The court rules she will not be charged with money laundering After a prolonged period of investigation and uncertainty the high court in Palma de Mallorca has ruled that Princess Cristina of Spain.. Read More
Balearics Court decides Friday if Princess Cristina stands trial for fraud
The high court in Palma de Mallorca will decide on the future of the Caso Nóos On Friday the provincial high court of the Balearics will make its decision on the appeal lodged by Princess Cristina.. Read More
Balearics regional court will decide whether Princess Cristina is to stand trial
The sister of the King of Spain and her husband could yet escape trial in the Nóos Case The decision as to whether those investigated in the Nóos Case will be called upon to stand trial in a court.. Read More
Nóos lawyer attempts to implicate Felipe VI
The King of Spain must have known about the activities of his brother-in-law, says the lawyer representing Diego Torres As the Nóos corruption case drags on seemingly interminably, the latest twist.. Read More
Nóos judge admits that Spanish princess has been treated leniently
The implication is that the sister of the King of Spain could have faced more charges As the heated debate continues over the Nóos corruption case and the involvement of Princess Cristina, the latest.. Read More
Caso Noos: Nóos accountant confesses as the net closes around the Duke of Palma
Princess Cristina of Spain could yet avoid trial in relation to the activities of her husband Until now the main protagonists of the Nóos corruption case have been Instructing Judge José Castro.. Read More
Former King Juan Carlos is granted legal immunity, but from what?
Parliament has pushed through a high speed modification to the law Just a week after the abdication of Juan Carlos I was made official, parliament passed a new modification to the law on Thursday.. Read More
Princess Cristina of Spain will stand trial for money-laundering and tax fraud
Love and devotion are no excuse for the Spanish Infanta After almost three years of investigation into the Nóos corruption case Judge José Castro has reached the conclusion that Princess Cristina.. Read More
Questions asked about absence of Princess Cristina as Nóos conclusion approaches
Princess Cristina absent from the proclamation of Felipe VI, with the auto of Judge Castro ''imminent'' The princess is sixth in line to the throne but has been sidelined from official duties since.. Read More
Valencia Deputy Mayor answers court questions over Caso Nóos
More evidence incriminates the son-in-law of King Juan Carlos Just before the King of Spain made his surprise announcement that he was to abdicate, the Spanish courts investigating the business activities.. Read More
Tax authorities confirm Urdangarín committed fiscal fraud
The judge must decide whether Princess Cristina will stand trial As investigations continue prior to the trial of Iñaki Urdangarín, the Duke of Palma and husband of Princess Cristina.. Read More
Urdangarín fails to win damages from former business partner
The publication of private emails goes unpunished by a Barcelona judge The process of investigating the alleged tax fraud and other misdeeds perpetrated by the Duke of Palma, Iñaki Urdangar.. Read More
Judge Castro will not bring money laundering charges in Caso Nóos
Last week the public prosecutor also made the same ruling However, the partners of the Instituto Nóos will face other charges relating to misappropriation of funds, falsifying documentation, perversion.. Read More
Purchase of three bars of chocolate in Switzerland is vital evidence in Spanish Royal corruption case
Investigations continue into the bank accounts held by Princess Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarín Despite the fact that expert legal opinions generally concur on the fact that there is insufficient.. Read More
Spanish press have a field day with leaked transcript of Princess Cristina testimony
Her lawyer is less than amused and junior journos are worn out after calculating how many times the Princess said, ''I donát know'' in the 1063 question transcript The weekend press was filled with.. Read More