Pressure mounts on ETA to disband
The end of ETA could mean the relocation of convicted members to Basque prisons Following the high-profile event earlier this month in which representatives of the Basque separatist terrorist group ETA revealed the locations of what they claim.. Read More
Catalan leaders vow to hold independence referendum this year
The rhetoric of Catalan separatism echoes injustices in the past The regional government of Catalunya remains determined to hold a referendum on the issue of independence from Spain during the course of this year, and on Friday morning its leaders.. Read More
Día Nacional de Cataluña, Diada, 11th September
What is the Diada of September 11th? In Catalunya this is an official regional holiday or, if the nationalist movement has its way, the National Day of the proposed independent state. Known as the ''Diada'', or festive day, in Catalan, the date.. Read More
Cautious optimism follows Basque separatist weaponry handover
The move is being seen as a step towards the dissolution of ETA The Basque separatist group ETA, which formally announced the ''definitive cessation'' of its armed struggle in October 2011, took another step towards its anticipated dissolution.. Read More
Tebbit on Brexit and Gibraltar: take the Catalan independence referendum to the UN
The former Cabinet Minister wants to fight fire with fire over Gibraltar sovereignty Thirty years after he resigned from the British Cabinet and from high political office to look after his permanently disabled wife, Norman Tebbit (now Baron Tebbit.. Read More
Opposition to independence strengthens in Catalunya
The latest opinion poll suggests that Catalans would vote to remain in Spain While members of the regional government of Catalunya continue to give no ground in their determination to hold an independence referendum during 2017, it is interesting.. Read More
Spanish government announces heavy investment in Catalunya infrastructures
The promise by Mariano Rajoy is being seen as an attempt to placate Catalan separatists Mariano Rajoy, the President of the Spanish government, was in Catalunya for the second time in three days on Tuesday after an absence of nine months, and.. Read More
Proposal to scrap the law banning glorification of terrorism in Spain
More people are being tried in Spain now than when Basque separatist group ETA was active The issue of freedom of speech and freedom of expression is a complicated one at the best of times, but in Spain this has been even more the case than.. Read More
Spanish government rejects Scottish-style referendum in Catalunya
No break in the deadlock between the governments in Madrid and Barcelona Any hopes that there might be some ground given in the impasse between the governments of Spain and Catalunya over the issue of the proposed independence referendum later.. Read More
Anti-separatists take to the streets of Barcelona
Thousands wave Spanish flags and protest against the ''coup d'etat'' in Catalunya As the dispute heats up over the regional government of Catalunya's plans to hold an independence referendum later this year thousands of people took to the streets.. Read More
Former Catalan president barred from holding public office
Artur Mas cannot stand as a candidate at Catalunya elections for the next 2 years The verdicts and sentences have been returned at the trial in which former Catalunya regional president Artur Mas and two of his colleagues were accused of civil.. Read More
ETA explosives cache discovered in Guipuzcoa
45 kilos of explosives found in the countryside near Irun A weapons stash belonging to the dormant Basque separatist terrorist group ETA has been discovered in the Basque Country province of Guipuzcoa by the Guardia Civil, who have recovered.. Read More
Former Catalan president defends poll as successor accelerates towards independence
Artur Mas remains defiant while Carles Puigdemont pushes forward with separatist plans Tuesday was the second day of the Supreme Court trial of Francesc Homs, the PDeCAT Catalan separatist party spokesman in Spain's national parliament, who.. Read More
Catalan separatist MP on trial for civil disobedience
Former regional president Artur Mas will give evidence on the trial of Francesc Homs Francesc Homs, the spokesman for the Catalan separatist party PDeCAT in the Spanish national parliament, appears in court for the second time in three weeks on.. Read More
King of Spain avoids separatist tension in Catalunya
Relations with the Catalan president appear cordial but strained These are difficult times in terms of the relationship between Spain and Catalunya, with the pro-independence regional government threatening to hold a referendum on secession.. Read More
Secret meeting between Spanish and Catalan leaders revealed
Mariano Rajoy and Carles Puigdemont discussed the independence referendum on 11th January Following a good deal of speculation over the last week it emerged on Wednesday that Mariano Rajoy, the president of the national government, held a private.. Read More
Catalan separatists ready to negotiate but sceptical of Spanish stance
The government of Catalunya refuses to renounce planned referendum As the Catalan government continues to stand firm in its intention to hold an independence referendum during the course of this year there still appears to a chance, however slim.. Read More
Constitutional Court annuls Catalunya independence route map
The Catalan president is personally warned not to go ahead with the referendum The latest blow to be landed in the conflict over the proposed independence referendum in Catalunya was delivered on Tuesday by Spain's Constitutional Court, although.. Read More
Catalunya: the unmovable object resists the irresistible force
Spanish PM vows not to budge in his opposition to the Catalan independence referendum Mariano Rajoy, the President of the Spanish government, celebrated his re-election as the leader of the PP party over the weekend by reiterating that he is.. Read More
 Catalan politicians deny wrongdoing in independence consultation trial
Francesc Homs testifies in defence of former Catalan president Artur Mas On Wednesday it was the turn of Francesc Homs, the spokesman of the PDeCAT Catalan separatist party in the national parliament of Spain, to take the stand at the trial.. Read More
Former Catalan president assumes full political responsibility in court
Artur Mas is adamant that the independence consultation in 2014 was not illegal Monday was a momentous day in Barcelona, where the first day of the trial of Artur Mas was preceded by a march through the city in support of the former regional president.. Read More
Massive support for former Catalan president as trial begins in Barcelona
Separatists rally round Artur Mas as he faces charges of civil disobedience As the week began all eyes in the Spanish media were on Barcelona, where former regional president Artur Mas and two of those who served as ministers in his government.. Read More
Barcelona corruption arrests spark allegations of political motives
The detentions come four days before the trial of the former president of Catalunya A long investigation into alleged corrupt practices in the political hierarchy of the city of Barcelona and the rest of the region of Catalunya took another.. Read More
Argument rages over Catalunya independence referendum
The Spanish government threatens to close polling stations in Catalunya The war of words over the proposals to hold an independence referendum in the region of Catalunya has heated up significantly over the last couple of days, and on Wednesday.. Read More
Catalunya independence referendum could be brought forward
Is former Catalan president Artur Mas preparing for martyrdom? Before 12th January 2016, while he was still in office, Artur Mas, the former president of the regional government of Catalunya, stated on more than one occasion that he had no intention.. Read More
Catalan separatist leader accuses Spanish president of civil disobedience
The tit-for-tat charge is to test whether Catalan separatists are discriminated against Many of the headlines in Catalunya continue to centre around secondary topics rather than the proposed Independence referendum which the regional government.. Read More
British press overreacting to Catalan independence referendum?
Sensationalist headlines claim that Spain is on the point of collapsing It comes as something of a surprise this week to read in the British press that Spain is ''in crisis'' following statements made by Carles Puigdemont, the president of the regional.. Read More
Thousands demand relocation of ETA convicts to Basque Country prisons
The marchers in Bilbao included the widow of an ETA victim Thousands of demonstrators joined the annual march held by the platform group Sare in the streets of Bilbao on Saturday evening, demanding that the members and former members of Basque.. Read More
Spain and Catalunya at loggerheads over independence referendum
Cordial dialogue in Barcelona but no hint of shared ground In Catalunya 2017 has been billed as ''the year of the independence referendum'' by the regional government, and while it is all too easy to become distracted from the central issue.. Read More
Tarragona Mayor under fire for flying Spanish flag
Separatists call for more commitment to Catalan nationalism in Torredembarra Eduard Rovira, the Mayor of Torredembarra in the province of Tarragona, has come under fire from the Catalan separatist party CUP for obeying a court ruling which obliged.. Read More
Catalan separatists ask the Three Kings for independence
Opponents lament the ''pathetic'' use of festive traditions for political gestures Òmnium and ANC, two of the leading groups demanding Independence from Spain for Catalunya, have issued a rallying cry calling on supporters to attend.. Read More
There will be no Catalan Independence referendum in 2017 says Spanish PM
Mariano Rajoy dismissed the referendum as ''not possible'' in his year end speech Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Friday flatly rejected the possibility of a referendum in the northeastern region of Catalonia on a split from Spain, telling.. Read More
Separatists seek common ground at Catalunya referendum summit
The government of Catalunya prepares for an independence vote before autumn 2017 While many people in Spain are hurriedly making last-minute purchases to ensure that nothing is lacking at the Christmas Eve family dinner, Carles Puigdemont, the president.. Read More
Basque nationalists doubt wisdom of latest ETA arrests
The seizing of an arms cache could delay the disarmament of the Basque separatist group On the face of it the arrest of five more people last Friday in southern France in connection with ETA, the group which for four decades carried out a campaign.. Read More
Former Basque separatist terrorist arrested in Marseille
ETA member José Manuel Azcarate Ramos was sentenced to 51 years in jail The general impression given by the Spanish and French police regarding the Basque separatist group ETA is that it is now close to becoming non-existent following the arrest.. Read More
Battle is joined over Catalan independence referendum
Separatists in Catalunya vow to defy Constitutional Court ruling It seems that battle is now well and truly joined on the issue of the proposed independence referendum in Catalunya at some point in 2017, with the legal authorities of Spain ruling.. Read More
Catalan separatists free without bail after burning photos of the King
The five demonstrators may yet face trial for their actions on the national day of Catalunya Five Catalan separatists who were arrested for setting fire to pictures of the King of Spain on 11th September, the ''National Day'' of Catalunya, were.. Read More
Catalunya to hold independence referendum summit on 23rd December
The separatist process continues to advance in Catalunya Much of Spain is enjoying a week of relative inactivity as people all over the country take advantage of the holidays on Tuesday and Thursday, but in Catalunya the regional government is not.. Read More
Defiant gestures by Catalan separatists on Spanish Constitution Day
Copies of the Constitution were burnt as a third of Town Halls opened their doors As most of Spain celebrated the national holiday on Tuesday in honour of the Constitution, in Catalunya, as has become predictable, nationalists took the opportunity.. Read More
Balearic capital shortens its name to Palma
The Town Hall confirms that the ''de Mallorca'' surname is to be dropped What's in a name? Quite a lot, apparently, in the capital of the Balearic Islands, where it has now been made official that from now onwards the city is once again to.. Read More
Catalan government earmarks 5.8 million euros for independence referendum
The government of Catalunya plans to hold a secession vote in 2017 The regional government of Catalunya has this week presented its budget for 2017, with the most controversial element being a fund of 5.8 million euros which appears to be earmarked.. Read More
ETA member detained at Madrid-Barajas airport
Garikoitz Ibarlucea was involved in ETA urban violence between 1999 and 2002 Garikoitz Ibarlucea, one of the few remaining members of ETA who were still on the ''wanted'' list in Spain, was arrested this week at Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas.. Read More
2014 Catalan independence poll commemorated in dead-end street name
Artur Mas sees the irony of the gesture in the Lleida village of Montoliu Artur Mas, the former president of the regional government in Catalunya, visited the municipality of Montoliu in the province of Lleida on Saturday to officially open the.. Read More
Former Catalan president spent 645,000 euros on trips abroad in 4 years
The travels of Artur Mas were to promote the image of Catalunya overseas It has taken the regional government of Catalunya two months to answer a question raised by Ciudadanos, the leading opposition party in the parliament in Barcelona, but the.. Read More
Sant Cugat Town Hall obliged to remove Catalan flag
The Estelada in Sant Cugat must be removed within ten days The Town Hall of Sant Cugat del Vallès in the province of Barcelona has been ordered by a judge in the courts of Barcelona to remove an ''Estelada'' flag from the plaza Lluís.. Read More
Basques join Catalans in snubbing the President of Spain
Iñigo Urkullu joins Carles Puigdemont in failing to attend the Presidents Committee Following the announcement that Carles Puigdemont, the president of the regional government of Catalunya, will not be intending the meeting of all of.. Read More
Catalan separatists sceptical over chances of success
One in three pro-independence voters in Catalunya believe the process will fail The regional government of Catalunya remains determined to press ahead with its plans to hold an independence referendum next year, but it sometimes seems that little.. Read More
Six held in custody over “terrorist” attack on Guardia Civil officers in Navarra
The regional government of Navarra describes the arrests as unnecessary Eight people were arrested in Navarra on Monday in connection with the attack on two off-duty Guardia Civil officers which took place in mid-October in the town of Alsasua.. Read More
Barcelona; Thousands march to support those prosecuted in the name of Catalan independence
259 local councils and 407 elected politicians face legal action for disobedience The campaign to achieve Catalan independence is constantly in the headlines and on Sunday thousands of people marched through the centre of Barcelona to protest against.. Read More
Catalan president reiterates independence referendum plans
Carles Puigdemont calls for bilateral talks with Mariano Rajoy Carles Puigdemont, the president of the regional government of Catalunya, marked the second anniversary of the informal independence consultation of 9th November 2014 on Wednesday.. Read More
More flag controversy in Catalunya independence arguments
Berga Mayoress arrested for flying the Catalan flag during electioneering As is so often the case in the ongoing arguments over independence in Catalunya the issue of flags is currently in the headlines, underlining once again how high emotions.. Read More
Acting ETA leader arrested in France
Security forces have been seeking Mikel Irastorza since 2008 On Saturday security forces arrested the head of Basque militant separatist group ETA in south-western France in a joint operation between the French domestic intelligence service and.. Read More
Minor legal victory for former president of Catalunya
Artur Mas will not face charges of misusing public funds in the Catalan independence poll Until now the Spanish government's main response to the moves towards independence in Catalunya appears to have been to insist on the illegality of any referendum.. Read More
Catalan president boycotts forthcoming regional government conference
Carlos Puigdemont will become the first regional president to make this gesture Carlos Puigdemont, the president of the regional government in Catalunya, remains determined to hold a referendum on the issue of independence from Spain next year.. Read More
Rajoy not allowed to forget Catalan independence referendum
The issue of Catalan independence will be a prominent one for the new Spanish government Carles Puigedmont, the president of the regional government in Catalunya, has wasted no time in making his presence felt following the swearing in of Mariano.. Read More
Constitutional Court overturns bullfighting ban in Catalunya
The decision will be like a red rag to a bull for those demanding greater autonomy While the regional government of Catalunya continues along its path towards an independence referendum, the response from the Spanish authorities in Madrid is.. Read More
All quiet on the ETA front five years after the abandonment of armed struggle
The Basque separatist group killed over 800 people during a 40-year terrorist campaign This Thursday marks the 5th anniversary of the announcement by Basque separatist terrorist group ETA that it was to abandon its armed struggle (see image), an.. Read More
Separatist Badalona councillors under investigation for disobedience
One of those investigated tore up a court order in front of the press While those who support the ''disconnection'' process of Catalunya from Spain which has been set in motion by the regional government continue to exude an air of bullish optimism.. Read More
The Basque Tigress emerges from behind bars on three-day exeats
Repentant former ETA terrorist prepares for re-integration into society Idoia López Riaño, the former ETA Basque separatist terrorist who was nicknamed ''The Tigress'', is to be allowed a series of three-day exeats from the prison where.. Read More
Disconnection process goes on in Catalunya as attention is sidetracked by minor issues
The Catalan parliament will move this week to collect its own tax collection body Over the last few weeks the issue of separatism in Catalunya has once again been close to the top of the front pages in Spain, with protests on the National Day of.. Read More
Two Guardia Civil officers attacked in Navarra
One of the victims rescued former ETA members from a snowdrift in March Two people have been arrested by the Policía Foral, the regional police force of Navarra, following an incident in which two off-duty officers of the Guardia Civil and.. Read More
Constitutional Court to reprimand the Catalan government again
The Spanish government hopes to halt the independence referendum plans in court Following a week in which the issue of the proposed independence referendum in Catalunya was seldom far from the front pages, it was announced on Friday by Soraya S&.. Read More
Former Catalunya president to stand trial over 2014 independence poll
Artur Mas could be barred from holding public office for ten years The high court of the region of Catalunya confirmed on Thursday that Artur Mas, the former president of the regional government, will stand trial for allegedly disobeying the national.. Read More
Thousands demonstrate in Barcelona in favour of a unified Spain
The success of a Catalan independence referendum is not guaranteed In the light of recent developments it might be tempting to form the idea that the north-eastern Spanish region of Catalunya is heading unstoppably towards independence, with.. Read More
Madrid president sports patriotic umbrella at rainy Armed Forces Day parade
Cristina Cifuentes' show of patriotism catches the eye of the Spanish press in Madrid It rained on the King's Armed Forces Day parade in Madrid on Wednesday, forcing dignitaries and members of the public alike to take shelter under umbrellas.. Read More
Badalona Town Hall goes ahead with boycott of National Day of Spain
A Badalona councilor tears up a judicial ruling obliging the Town Hall to close In act of defiance against the authorities of Spain the Town Hall of Badalona, the third largest city in Catalunya and the twenty-second in Spain, went ahead as.. Read More
ETA arms cache found in northern France
It is thought the weapons were to be handed over as part of the dismantling of ETA The Guardia Civil and French security forces have located a large cache of weapons near Compiègne in the northern French department of Oise, in the.. Read More
Regional separatist politicians boycott armed forces day parade in Madrid
Separatist regional presidents again decline to attend the military parade in Madrid As Spain prepares for the national holiday on Wednesday 12th October and the military parade which has become one of the centerpieces of the celebrations, on.. Read More
Badalona Town Hall cancels Spanish national holiday on 12th October
The Badalona council refuses to commemorate what it describes as genocide Supporters of the separatist movement in Catalunya currently have the wind in their sails and are exuding an attitude of confidence and optimism, following the regional government.. Read More
Anti-separatists refuse to take part in Catalan parliamentary vote
The non-participants view the independence referendum motion as illegal Thursday's controversial debate in the regional parliament of Catalunya, in which it was decided that a referendum on the issue of independence from Spain will be held in.. Read More
Catalan parliament agrees to pursue independence referendum
The Catalans are forging ahead with plans and say they will hold a referendum with or without Spain's approval Catalonia's parliament voted in favour on Thursday of pursuing a referendum on independence next September amid mounting tensions.. Read More
Minor skirmishes cloud the issue of Catalan separatism
Street names and bullfighting distract attention from the independence referendum in Catalunya The prospect of an independence referendum being held in Catalunya is looming ever larger on the horizon, with members of the separatist regional government.. Read More
Catalan government will hold independence referendum with or without the agreement of Spain
Independence rhetoric continues as Spain wallows without a government While the cat's away the mouse will play and campaigners for independence in the Catalan region of Spain are taking every opportunity to drive forward with plans for a separate.. Read More
French court sentences two ETA members to 15 years in jail
The two have been found guilty of four counts of attempted homicide Since 1959 ETA has been engaged in a campaign to achieve independence from Spain for the Basque Country, a political movement which gradually evolved into an organisation using.. Read More
Pamplona council ordered to return Spanish flag and portrait of King to prominent location
Councils run by Basque separatist parties often use positioning of flags to make a political statement A recurring theme in Spain is that of flags, busts and portraits, which are often used as weapons in the arsenal of councils who wish to make.. Read More
Leading Catalan political party tries again to adopt a new name
The Convergencia party in Catalunya will now be renamed PDECAT The decision by the Convergència pro-independence political party in Catalunya to re-name and re-brand itself earlier this year has been dogged by difficulties in finding.. Read More
Former Catalan minister gives evidence to the Supreme Court of Spain
The Court is investigating the informal independence consultation of 2014 Francesc Homs, who was a minister in the regional government of Catalunya at the time of the ''informal consultation'' regarding independence from Spain which was held.. Read More
PSOE the big losers in Basque election opinion polls
Podemos fail to make inroads into the Basque Nationalist Party vote The latest opinion poll conducted in the Basque Country, where voters will elect the 75 members of the new regional parliament next Sunday, show that the PNV (Basque Nationalist.. Read More
FC Barcelona in trouble again over Catalan flags
A 7-0 thrashing of Celtic becomes an argument over freedom of speech For most football fans throughout Europe FC Barcelona's Champions League fixture against Glasgow Celtic on Tuesday was remarkable chiefly for the result, a 7-0 trouncing of the.. Read More
Royal portrait burners distract attention from Catalan independence process
Diada marchers burnt photos of King Felipe VI during the marches on Sunday The main point of the Diada celebrations which were held in Catalunya was to use the occasion of the ''National Day'' of the region to promote the cause of separatism and.. Read More
Catalan president aims to complete disconnection process by next July
Carles Puigdemont took part in the Diada marches on Sunday Although the number of people taking part has once again proved impossible to estimate, with figures quoted by various sources ranging from 250,000 to over a million, Sunday saw another.. Read More
Catalans rally in support of independence from Spain on the day of La Diada
The 11th September is the regional day of Cataluña and is a day traditionally marked by displays of separatist inclinations and demonstrations in favour of remaining within Spain Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets.. Read More
Former ETA member vows to be the voice of EH Bildu in the Basque elections
Arnaldo Otegi cannot stand for Basque presidency but will campaign actively This week it has been confirmed by the Constitutional Court of Spain, the highest court in the country, that Arnaldo Otegi will not be permitted to stand as a candidate.. Read More
Catalan president to attend the Diada demonstration in Girona
Carles Puigdemont will join a march in the province of Girona on 11th September Carles Puigdemont, the president of the regional government of Catalunya, has announced that he will be attending the celebrations of the Diada on Sunday 11th September.. Read More
Jihadist terrorism investigations outnumber those related to ETA in Spain
ETA remains dormant but the terrorist threat from Jihadists grows It is a sign of the changing times in Spain that crimes and offences related to Jihadist terrorism in this country now outnumber those connected with ETA and the Basque separatist.. Read More
Criminal charges to be brought against Spanish Interior Minister
Jorge Fernandez Diaz is accused of inciting the concoction of charges against political opponents Jorge Fernández Díaz, the Minister for the Interior in the caretaker government of Spain, has been officially reported to the authorities.. Read More
Former ETA member barred from standing for Basque presidency
Arnaldo Otegi will campaign for EH Bildu but will not stand as a candidate As the Basque Country Spain prepares for its regional elections on 25th September much of the attention, at least in the national press, is focusing not on the issues.. Read More
Former ETA member to stand for regional president of Basque Country
Arnaldo Otegi was released in February after six and a half years in prison Arnaldo Otegi, a former leading member of the Basque separatist terrorist group ETA, has announced that he intends to stand as the candidate for the presidency of the.. Read More
Spanish court annuls Catalan parliamentary independence resolution
This is the second time the courts have intervened to stop the Catalan parliament pushing forward with an independence resolution The complicated and sensitive issue of the Catalan campaign for the Spanish region of Cataluña ( Catalonia.. Read More
Spanish court suspends independence resolution in Catalonia
Spain's Constitutional Court on Monday annulled a resolution by Catalonia's assembly to press ahead with independence, deepening a stand-off between separatists in the northeastern region and the central government. The court had already.. Read More
Catalan government on collision course with Spain over independence
The Catalan parliament votes to disregard a Constitutional Court ruling The regional government of Catalunya remains determined to press ahead with its plans to form a separate State and initiate a process of ''disconnection'' from Spain, and on.. Read More
Galicia nationalists agree to disagree at Santiago Feast Day rallies
Three separatist demonstrations were held on Monday in Santiago de Compostela The issue of nationalism in Spain is never far from the headlines, with Basques and Catalans constantly calling for a greater degree of self-government and even, in the.. Read More
ANC vote to pressure for referendum on Catalan independence
Only around a quarter of members voted In spite of the continued political turbulence within the political parties of Cataluña, work still continues amongst the political bodies supporting independence to drum up support for an independence.. Read More
CDC party in Catalunya struggles to find acceptable new name
The option of Partit Demòcrata Català has been ruled out by the Ministry of the Interior Just days after the CDC (Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya) Catalan political party abandoned the name under.. Read More
Barcelona Town Hall rejects motion to declare Felipe VI persona non grata
The CUP motion against the royal family in Barcelona failed to prosper After over a year of causing offence to Spanish institutions, either deliberately or by accident, the Town Hall of Barcelona took a step in the other direction on Wednesday when.. Read More
Catalan politics shaken up by re-foundation of leading party
The CDC party in Catalunya is now re-named the Partit Demòcrata Català The political situation in Catalunya continues to be a complex one, with the established rule book apparently having been thrown out of the window as the.. Read More
Constitutional Court overrules Catalan independence legislation
The separate tax collection agency in Catalunya is deemed unconstitutional While much of the attention in the Spanish press focuses on the efforts which are being made to form a new national government it should not be imagined that the issue of.. Read More
Felipe VI calls for peaceful coexistence in Catalunya
The King of Spain stresses the need for understanding in plural societies During his seventeenth official visit to Catalunya since becoming King of Spain just over two years ago, Felipe VI spoke last Friday of the need to ''learn to live together.. Read More
President of Catalunya calls for acceleration of Independence process
''Basques, Catalans, flee, you who can!'' Carles Puigdemont, the president of the regional government in Catalunya, has seized upon the Brexit vote in the UK and the allegations levelled at Jorge Fernández Díaz, the Minister of the Interior.. Read More
What impact will Brexit have on Spain?
Possible effects on Spanish tourism and real estate and the independence debate in Catalunya Last week the UK electorate decided that Britain should leave the EU and in spite of nearly 3 million disillusioned voters immediately calling for a.. Read More