Coruña forest fire brought under control
2,000 hectares of land have been affected by wild fires in Galicia this month A forest fire which broke out in Rianxo, in the Galicia province of A Coruña, was successfully brought under control on Thursday, but not until over 50.. Read More
Santander researcher discovers anti-pollution potential in silkworms
It has been found in Cantabria that the silkworm can consume and digest plastic bags An Italian carrying out research in Santander, in the northern Spanish region of Cantabria, has made a remarkable discovery concerning the nature of the silkworm.. Read More
Ecological disaster averted after ferry crash in Las Palmas
Rapid progress avoids the spread of an oil slick in Gran Canaria There was considerable alarm in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on Saturday evening when a ferry leaving the port for Tenerife crashed into one of the jetties, injuring various passengers.. Read More
The processionary caterpillar, a springtime threat to dogs and cats in Spain
Processionary caterpillars are so called because they form processions, nose to tail, as they leave the nest prior to changing into moths. They are found in all Mediterranean areas, and during the winter it is possible to spot their ''nests.. Read More
The Asian Tiger Mosquito in Spain
Tips to help limit the spread of this Asian invader The tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus), which is a native of India and south-eastern Asia, has now taken up residence in several Mediterranean coastal areas of Spain and is becoming established.. Read More
Dog owners beware: stephanotis pods can kill dogs
Urgent warning for dog owners Be aware that the seed pods of the Stephanotis plant, also known as Madagascar Jasmine, are lethal for dogs. This is a stunning plant with waxy green leaves and a beautiful white flower which gives off a gorgeous.. Read More
AnimaNaturalis protest against fur trade in Barcelona
These bodies coated in blood represent some of the 60 million animals slaughtered for their fur every year A stark and brutal protest against the cruelty of harnessing animal pelts for.. Read More
Wine consumption in Spain rises after decades of decline
More wine is consumed per person in the UK than in Spain! There was a time, roughly a generation ago, when hardly any Spanish lunch or dinner table was complete without the presence of a bottle of wine in the centre (or, in many cases, just.. Read More
Warm weather brings an early start to the Galicia wild fire season
Temperatures top 30 in the Galicia province of Ourense The arrival of warm weather in practically the whole of Spain has come in time to accompany the annual Semana Santa processions, but at the same time it inevitably brings with it the risk.. Read More
Asturias walkers discover dead bear cub
The young bear is believed to have fallen to its death in Somiedo Distressing news for those campaigning to protect the wild bear populations in the mountains of the north of Spain came in the form of the discovery at the weekend of the body of.. Read More
Spain attempts to assess the impact of Brexit
Economic and political changes may affect various aspects of Spanish society The big story in the European news this week is the activation of Article 50, by which Theresa May officially began the process of the UK's withdrawal from the European.. Read More
Fourth gorilla cub in five years born at Cantabria wildlife park
The cub weighing just over a kilo was born at Cabarceno on Wednesday morning Nicky and Gwet, two of the gorillas living in the Cabárceno wildlife park in the northern Spanish region of Cantabria, became the proud parents of a new.. Read More
Malaga plans to trace dog poop via canine DNA database
Fines of over 100 euros for Malaga dog owners who fail to register their pets The Town Hall of Málaga has passed a motion to renew and alter the local laws concerning animal and pet welfare, and has introduced a system by which dog.. Read More
Madrid Town Hall to implement permanent motorway speed limit reductions
Madrid reacts to EU contamination untimatum Until now the cutting of the speed limit on the M-30 ring road around Madrid and on other main access roads leading into the city centre has been a temporary measure introduced only in times of high air.. Read More
Madrid Town Hall implements anti-pollution traffic restrictions
Unseasonal summer weather sends NO2 readings soaring in Madrid The high temperatures and lack of significant wind have delighted many people across Spain over the last few days, bringing some relief from the wintry weather of the last few months.. Read More
Barcelona to combat air pollution by banning old cars
Cars over 20 years old will be banned from 40 Catalan municipalities in 2019 Following the news last month that both Madrid and Barcelona had been issued air pollution ultimatums by the EU the authorities, in Catalunya it has been announced that.. Read More
Catalunya river turns fluorescent green
The river Valira flows through Andorra and Catalunya Residents and environmentalists were alarmed by a spectacular and potentially worrying sight on Thursday in the north of Spain, where the River Valira, which flows through Andorra and Catalunya.. Read More
Wolf hanging baffles Asturias investigators
The bodies of three wolves have been displayed in public in Asturias in the last week An outbreak of anti-wolf violence in the region of Asturias claimed its third victim last weekend when a recently killed wolf was found hanged from a road.. Read More
Cantabria loses emblematic rock stack to 9-metre waves
The Aguja de las Gaviotas on the Costa Quebrada is no more Take a good look at this photo of one of the most spectacular geological features of the coast of Cantabria, the stack known as the ''Aguja de las Gaviotas'' (the needle of the seagulls.. Read More
27,000 ducks slaughtered in Girona bird flu scare
The latest bird flu outbreak in France appears to have crossed into Spain It appears that the latest outbreak of avian flu, or bird flu, which has affected poultry in France has now crossed the Pyrenees into the province of Girona, in the north.. Read More
Aragon lake provides bird migration spectacle
Up to 50,000 cranes per day at the lake of Gallocanta in Zaragoza The lake of Gallocanta in the province of Zaragoza, approximately half way between the capital of Aragón and the city of Teruel, is currently enjoying the spectacle provided.. Read More
Spanish drivers wake up to the advantages of hybrid and electric cars
Sales rose most sharply last year in Murcia and Aragon Little by little Spanish drivers are beginning to accept the need for more environmentally friendly cars, and last year it is reported by the automobile manufacturers' association Anfac that.. Read More
Huelva man faces charges after attempting to sell 100 antlers
The antlers belonged to young deer which cannot normally be hunted in Andalucia A 37-year-old man has been arrested by the Guardia Civil in Fuenteheridos, in the Andalucía province of Huelva, after he was found to be in possession of over 100 deer.. Read More
Five lynx released into the wild in Toledo and Ciudad Real
Repopulation continues as 19 lynx were born in the wild last year in Castilla-La Mancha The Life+Iberlince project to protect and increase the population in the wild of the Iberian lynx is continuing to make gradual progress despite frequent setbacks.. Read More
Madrid and Barcelona handed EU pollution ultimatum
Spain has two months in which to clean up its act in major cities It has been calculated that in the whole of the European Union approximately 400,000 people die every year as a consequence of contamination in the air they breathe, and in their.. Read More
Galicia farms threatened by Guatemalan potato moth
31 municipalities affected as the potato plague spreads in A Coruña and Lugo This Monday the regional government (or ''Xunta'') of Galicia published a list of 31 municipalities where potatoes are currently affected by the Guatemalan potato.. Read More
Balearics government destroys 2,000 fruit trees to fight the ebola of the olive
The Xylella fastidiosa disease has resulted in disaster in the olive groves of Italy The regional government of the Balearic Islands has uprooted and destroyed approximately 2,000 fruit trees in its attempts to prevent the spread of the deadly Xylella.. Read More
Prolonged drought hits 2016 olive oil production in southern Spain
Production is down by 60 per cent in Valencia and by half in Murcia The relatively heavy rain which has fallen over the last six weeks in the Region of Murcia will have come as a relief to many people, excluding of course those whose properties.. Read More
Carrefour halts panga fish sales in Spain
The French chain highlights food safety controls in Vietnam and south-east Asia French hypermarket chain Carrefour announced on Wednesday morning that all stocks of ''Panga'' fish, known in English as iridescent shark, catfish shark or swai fillet.. Read More
3-ton baby whale returned to the sea in A Coruña
The young whale was rescued at the beach of Bares but is unlikely to survive A young finback whale measuring approximately 6.5 metres and weighing between two and three tons was successfully returned to the sea in the Galicia province of A Coru.. Read More
Albacete men arrested for shooting sick horse
The body of the horse was found buried in the town of Alpera Two men have been arrested in Alpera, in the province of Albacete (Castilla-La Mancha) for shooting and killing a sick horse which belonged to one of them. The Seprona wildlife protection.. Read More
Oldest nuclear power station in Spain could operate until 2031
The Garoña plant in the north of Burgos has been closed since late 2012 Spain's Nuclear Safety Council meets this Wednesday to begin debating whether to extend the working life of the power plant of Santa María de Garoña in.. Read More
Spanish electricity prices soar to record highs
Households across Spain braced for 20 per cent rise in electricity bills As demand for electricity soars due to the cold weather, and supplies from solar and wind power facilities dwindle, the result over the last 20 days has been a steady increase.. Read More
Cantabria is home to the deepest underground vertical pit in Spain
The Gran Pozo MTDE in Cantabria is deeper than the Twin Towers were high Cavers and potholers in the northern Spanish region of Cantabria have discovered one of the deepest underground vertical pits in the world in the south-east of the region.. Read More
World temperatures hit new high in 2016 for third year in a row
World temperatures hit a record high for the third year in a row in 2016, creeping closer to a ceiling set for global warming with extremes including unprecedented heat in India and ice melt in the Arctic, U.S. government agencies said on Wednesday.. Read More
Valencia oceanarium presents baby beluga whale
Kylu was born in Valencia in November weighing 74 kilos The Oceanogràfic oceanarium in Valencia proudly presented its new baby beluga whale (or white whale) on Monday, two months after he was born at the largest complex of its kind.. Read More
Madrid panda cub debuts in public
Chulina makes her first appearance in front of the Chinese Ambassador to Spain The first female panda cub to have been born at Madrid zoo made her debut in public on Thursday, when at the age of four and a half months she was introduced for.. Read More
Madrid Town Hall moves forward with Gran Via pedestrianization plans
Vehicle numbers were cut by 43 per cent on the Gran Via over Christmas Now that the Christmas and New Year holidays are over the Town Hall of Madrid is taking stock of its controversial experiments with traffic restrictions in the Gran Vía over.. Read More
Prison for Torremolinos animal rescue centre boss who massacred 2,000 strays
The Malaga courts describe the killings as massive and indiscriminate Carmen Marín, the president of the ''Parque Animal'' animal protection society in Torremolinos in the province of Málaga, has been handed a prison sentence of.. Read More
Asturias bear death raises suspicions of illegal hunting
The body of the brown bear was found by walkers in Cangas del Narcea The Seprona wildlife protection wing of the Guardia Civil in the region of Asturias are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a wild bear whose remains were.. Read More
World heat shatters records in 2016 in new sign of global warming
Last year was the hottest on record by a wide margin, with temperatures creeping close to a ceiling set by almost 200 nations for limiting global warming, the European Union's Copernicus Climate Change Service said on Thursday. The data are.. Read More
Palencia goose trainer in demand for Three Kings parades
The geese are parading on Thursday in Alicante and Palencia In recent years there has been a trend in Spain for Town Halls to eliminate animals from the traditional Three Kings parades on 5th January, with large cities including Madrid leading.. Read More
4-ton elephant stars in Asturias Three Kings parade
Baby again defies animal rights protesters in El Berron As children all over Spain excitedly await the Three Kings parades which take place on Thursday afternoon and evening, accompanied by the increased police contingents who will be on duty following.. Read More
Madrid deactivates traffic restrictions as pollution levels drop
Measuring stations reported a ''slight'' drop in contamination levels on Sunday The Ayuntamiento de Madrid has deactivated the traffic restrictions imposed in the capital city over the festive season due to a''slight'' improvement in the levels.. Read More
Guardia Civil pyromaniac confesses to setting ten fires in Madrid
20 fires in 6 weeks in Madrid were the result of a vicious circle of compulsive arson The provincial courts of Madrid have ruled that a Guardia Civil officer who deliberately started 20 wildfires in the region is to serve a prison sentence of ten.. Read More
Almeria man found guilty of extreme cruelty to 6-month-old puppy
Tuba died after receiving a brutal beating in Cuevas del Almanzora A 20-year-old man identified as Francisco F.R. has been handed a suspended 11-month prison sentence for ''extreme cruelty'' to animals following an incident in which he brutally.. Read More
Madrid speed limits lowered as pollution levels rise again
Limit re-set at 70 km/h on the M-30 and other main roads in Madrid The Town Hall of Madrid announced on Wednesday evening that the level of air pollution has risen once more to higher than the established threshold, and that in consequence the maximum.. Read More
Almeria nativity scene organizers accused of maltreating donkey
Concerns are voiced over the use of animals in Christmas celebrations As living nativity scenes are set up all over Spain the attention of animal rights groups has focused on the need to ensure that animals are not maltreated during the festive.. Read More
Tragedy narrowly averted in Albacete rock fall
Ten holiday homes destroyed in Alcala del Jucar The heavy rain which fell in south-eastern Spain over the weekend is believed to have been the main cause of a spectacular rock fall on Monday night in the Albacete town of Alcalá del.. Read More
Last tyres finally removed after fire at illegal dump in northern Toledo
Plans to create a municipal park on the site in Seseña if contamination levels are low Seven months after the massive fire which caused considerable alarm and indignation in the municipality of Seseña, in the north of Toledo.. Read More
Madrid Mayoress advocates rooftop gardens on buses
Bus shelters could also become flowerbeds if the proposal in Madrid prospers Since the local elections in May 2015 the governing parties in the Town Hall of Madrid have proposed various controversial measures to make the city a more environmentally.. Read More
Toledo man dies after eating poisonous mushrooms
A mycologist from Santa Olalla confused toxic Amanita mushrooms with edible ones Every year in Spain the autumn rain and falling temperatures coincide with thousands of people undertaking excursions to wooded areas in the hunt for edible species.. Read More
Anti-fur coat demonstrators brave the cold in Barcelona
The protesters report that millions of animals are slaughtered in Spain every year Approximately 100 people braved the nippy mid-December temperatures on Sunday to gather in the centre of Barcelona, remove all their clothes, daub themselves.. Read More
Greyhounds rescued from well in Osuna
The owner is accused of dumping the dogs after they outlived their competitive lives The owner of three greyhounds in Osuna, in the province of Sevilla, is under investigation on suspicion of maltreating animals after they were retrieved by the.. Read More
Giant floating lab moored off Gran Canaria as angel shark studies advance
The 32,000-ton Plocan lab is moored of the coast of Jinamar The authorities in the Canary Islands have moored a giant floating laboratory weighing 32,000 tons 2.5 kilometres off the coast of Gran Canaria in waters which are 30 metres deep, with.. Read More
19 under investigation over waste disposal site in Guadalajara
The fires at Chiloeches are thought to be related to illegal hazardous waste disposal 19 people have officially been placed under investigation regarding a series of fires at the Chiloeches industrial estate in the province of Guadalajara (Castilla.. Read More
Basque animal rights activists outraged by boar shootings in San Sebastian
The boar were deemed to be a threat to safety in the Intxaurrondo district An animal rights group called Askekintza-Liberacción Animalista has strongly criticized the Town Hall of San Sebastián for a decision which was made on Sunday.. Read More
Madrid farmers report 100 per cent increase in wolf attacks
The regional government in Madrid runs out of funds for compensation payments The regional government of Madrid has reported that so far this year the number of attacks by wolves on cattle has risen to 209, well over double the total of 91 which.. Read More
Madrid dolphin mystery partially solved
The dead dolphin was brought to Madrid for interior decoration purposes The mystifying case of the dead dolphin which appeared this March in the Casa de Campo in Madrid, over 300 kilometres from the sea, is on its way towards being solved by.. Read More
Four arrested in Guipuzcoa for stealing bear heads and elephant tusks
Items worth over 50,000 euros were recovered from garages in San Sebastian Four people have been arrested by the Guardia Civil in connection with the discovery at two private properties in San Sebastián of the skins and heads of numerous.. Read More
A million cars could be banned from the streets of Barcelona by 2020
The Town Hall takes drastic steps to reduce air pollution in Barcelona The Town Hall of Barcelona has confirmed that it intends to take drastic steps to reduce car exhaust pollution in the city, banning up to a million of the vehicles which are.. Read More
A Coruña will receive drinking water from old coal mine
The valley of As Encrobas gives water to those who were evicted to make way for the mine The city of A Coruña in Galicia, in the north-west of Spain, is to become the first in Europe to use an abandoned open-cast coal mine to boost.. Read More
Largest floating stable in the world docks in Cadiz
20,600 cows call in at the port of Puerto Real in Cadiz The port of Puerto Real in the province of Cádiz (Andalucía) welcomed 20,600 South American visitors on Saturday, when the largest cattle transportation ship in the world called.. Read More
Suicide bomber attacks worshippers at Shia mosque in Kabul
A suicide bomber on Monday killed at least 27 people and wounded 35 in an explosion at a crowded Shia mosque in the Afghan capital Kabul, officials said. The attacker entered the Baqir ul Olum mosque during a ceremony, the interior ministry said.. Read More
Galicia vineyards to research drone technology usage
Drones will provide information from the air at the steep vineyards of the Ribeira Sacra A research project named ''Ecovine'' has received backing from the Innovation Agency in the north-western region of Galicia, the aim being to improve the.. Read More
Torremolinos animal protection boss on trial for exterminating 2,000 animals
Carmen Marin claims to be a passionate lover of all animals The trial began on Tuesday of Carmen Marín, the president of the ''Parque Animal'' animal protection society in Torremolinos, in the province of Málaga, and Felipe Barco.. Read More
Olive trees threatened by deadly virus in the Balearics
A strain of the ''ebola of the olive tree'' has been found in Mallorca The first ever case in Spain of a plant disease called Xylella fastidiosa, often known by botanists as the ''ebola of the olive tree'', has been confirmed by the Plant Health.. Read More
Spain bathed by the light of the Supermoon
Photographers all over Spain snap the brightest moon for 68 years All over Spain people ventured out into the cold November night on Monday to witness the ''Supermoon'', the largest and brightest appearance of the moon since 1948 and one which.. Read More
Almeria radioactivity clean-up jeopardized by Trump victory
Spanish politicians react to the US election amid fears that the Palomares clean-up could be shelved The reaction in Spain to the news that the next President of the USA is to be Donald Trump has been, in general, less than enthusiastic, with.. Read More
Guadarrama goat cull suspended by Madrid courts
Hunters frustrated as 2700 goats are granted a reprieve in the mountains of Madrid 2,700 goats in the mountains of the Sierra de Guadarrama, which marks the boundary between Madrid and the province of Segovia in Castilla y León, have been saved.. Read More
Extremadura backs bulls to boost rural tourism
A series of events in Badajoz showcase the countryside of Extremadura The Spanish Costas have attracted more visitors to this country from abroad than ever before this year, and with tourism providing a boost to the economy in Mediterranean coastal.. Read More
Giant African snails invade Castilla-La Mancha
The snails represent a threat to native plant life and spread human disease Environmental protection officers in Castilla-La Mancha are warning that the destructive giant African snail (Achatina fulica) could pose a threat to the environment.. Read More
Avila villages under threat from open-cast feldspar mine
Landowners could lose their properties under a Francoist law from 1973 The rural agricultural communities of the Sierra de Ávila, where farmers maintain traditions which have developed over at least 300 years, are under threat from a mining.. Read More
El Algarrobico hotel demolition delayed again
The saga over the Almeria hotel illustrates the slowness of Spanish justice The workings of the Spanish judicial system can be painfully slow at times, and this continues to be illustrated by the saga over the illegally built hotel in El Algarrobico.. Read More
Black panther found in Almeria animal centre
The panther was among various animals with false documentation in Arboleas The Seprona wildlife protection wing of the Guardia Civil have confiscated a black panther which was found in a travel cage at a property in the Almería municipality of.. Read More
Brightest moon for 68 years in the sky over Spain on 14th November
An unusually large supermoon will illuminate the night sky this month The next ''supermoon'', which will occur on 14th November, is to be the brightest and largest for the last 68 years, according to NASA, and will therefore be an opportunity.. Read More
Madrid Town Hall implements anti-pollution traffic and parking restrictions
The measures in Madrid will be suspended on Tuesday as the long weekend ends Northern coastal areas of Spain were affected by thick fog on Sunday evening and Monday morning, but in Madrid visibility was hampered by a different kind of haze as air.. Read More
Spain fails to match EU reductions in greenhouse gas emissions
Only four Spanish regions have managed to cut emissions since 1990 A report which was published by the Ministry of the Environment on Monday shows that of the 17 regions in Spain only four have managed to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions since.. Read More
Valencia bison park manager accused of negligence over decapitation incident
Carlos Alamo is accused of cutting off the head of a bison to hide death by malnutrition There has been a dramatic twist in the case of Sauron, the Valdeserrillas park's bison herd leader who was found decapitated in September, with the director.. Read More
Valencia UFO sighting information published online
Unexplained events over the Comunidad Valenciana in the 60s and 70s The Spanish Ministry of Defence has this week completed the process of digitalizing its records of Unidentified Flying Object sightings across Spain, making 1,900 pages of information.. Read More
Valencia breakers yard uses fighting bull to deter theft
7 break-ins at a yard in Montserrat lead the owner to resort to extreme measures Frustrated by his inability to end a series of robberies at his premises, the owner of a motor vehicle breakers yard in the Valencia municipality of Montserrat has.. Read More
Five arrested for holding dog fights in Huesca
One of the combat dogs was also taken into custody in Jaca The Policía Nacional have arrested five people in the town of Jaca, in the foothills of the Pyrenees in the province of Huesca (Aragón), in connection with the holding of dog fights, with.. Read More
Barcelona mammoth museum closes down
Bargain hunters can buy unwanted mammoth tusks in Barcelona This Tuesday sees the closure of the Museo del Mamut in Barcelona, marking the end of a venture into pre-history which has sadly ceased to be financially viable and sparking one of.. Read More
Asturias yew among Spanish candidates for European Tree of the Year
The 1000-year-old yew in Bermiego faces competition from is at least a thousand The well-known yew tree in the Asturias municipality of Bermiego is once again in the running to become the Spanish nomination for the European Tree of the Year.. Read More
King of Spain takes time out to attend Asturias exemplary town award
Felipe VI praised the 3 municipalities of Oscos for working together to progress It cannot be denied that that King Felipe VI of Spain has a fair amount on his plate at the moment, with the latest round of meetings with political party leaders.. Read More
Central Madrid welcomes 2,000 sheep in annual transhumance celebration
Madrid Mayoress sees sheep as a grass-mowing alternative in the Casa del Campo On Sunday, for the 23rdh time since the centuries-old tradition was re-established in 1994, transhumance farmers paid the symbolic sum of 100 maravedís in exchange.. Read More
Aragon anglers urged to help exterminate invasive fish species
The government of Aragon targets wels catfish and carp with ''surreal'' proposals A Supreme Court ruling which was finalized in March of this year and which stiffens the laws regarding invasive wildlife species in Spain has been welcomed by.. Read More
Valencia woman tried to kill her dog with anti-depressants
The woman from Burjassot has been handed an 8-month sentence A woman in the province of Valencia has been handed a suspended prison sentence of eight months by the courts of Paterna for attempting to kill her pet dog by means of giving him anti.. Read More
Asturias farmers report increase in wolf attacks
Sheep farmers in Asturias call for a cull of wolves to reduce numbers Such is the variety of climates and environments in Spain that it is often hard for those living in one part of the country to imagine the problems which are faced by those in.. Read More
3,500 dogs take part in Madrid canine marathon
The Perroton event in Madrid aims to promote the adoption of abandoned pets Over 3,500 dogs and their owners are reported to have taken part in the 2016 ''Perrotón'' in Madrid on Sunday morning, running not very competitively in a race where the.. Read More
Castilla-La Mancha authorities investigate river pollution in Toledo
White foam appeared in the River Tagus in Toledo on Saturday The Seprona wildlife protection wing of the Guardia Civil and the Confederación Hidrográfica del Tajo (CHT) are currently investigating the appearance of white foam on.. Read More
Palencia crookmaker achieves recognition from the Guinness Book of Records
The largest bunch of crooks in the world is not in the courts of Madrid! Dalmacio Fernández, a resident of the small town of Saldaña in the province of Palencia (Castilla y León), has found an unusual way of earning a.. Read More
Giant squid found in La Coruña may have died in battle
The 105-kilo squid is to be studied by experts in Asturias A giant squid weighing 105 kilograms was found dead in the water off the beach of Bares in La Coruña (Galicia) last week, presenting injuries which suggest that it may have.. Read More
Processionary caterpillars enjoying warm autumn in Spain
The warm autumn weather helps more larvae mature next spring The appearance of processionary pine caterpillars is associated mainly with the spring in Spain, but the warm late summer and autumn which have continued into the month of October this.. Read More
Vine robot could take the luck out of choosing when to begin grape harvests
Scientists from La Rioja and Valencia are hoping to perfect the robot by 2017 Work is currently under way at vineyards all over Spain to pick the grape harvest which will be converted into the country's 2016 wine production, with enologists.. Read More
Huesca man arrested for setting illegal hunting traps
The devices in Hoya de Huesca were designed to snare animals indisciminately The Seprona wildlife protection wing of the Guardia Civil have placed a 53-year-old man under investigation on possible charges of using prohibited and cruel hunting techniques.. Read More
Asturias bears threatened by food shortages in the wild
The Asturias government and the unusually dry summer are held to blame The wild bear population in the mountains of Asturias, in the north of Spain, is reported by the wildlife protection fund Fapas to be under threat, following a dry summer which.. Read More
Canary Islands becomes first territory in the world to eliminate the Red Palm Weevil
The Picudo Rojo has destroyed tens of thousands of palm trees throughout Spain The Canary Islands has become the first territory in the world to successfully eradicate the Red Palm Weevil, or Picudo Rojo, which has devastated tens of thosuands of.. Read More
Spectacular fireball lights up the skies over southern Spain
The fragment of Comet Encke entered our atmosphere at 111,000 kilometres an hour More debris from the Comet Encke is likely to head our way in the coming weeks. Stargazers enjoyed a spectacular treat on Tuesday evening as a spectacular fireball.. Read More
Fishing for longfin tuna suspended as Spain reaches annual quota
Bonito del norte is also known as longfin tune, albacore or white tuna but is cheaper than tuna The Ministry of Agriculture, Foods and Environment has ordered the provisional closure of the fishing season for bonito del norte, also known as.. Read More