Three Jihadists arrested in Valencia and Catalunya
All three of the arrested are Moroccans accused of recruiting for Daesh The fight against Islamic extremist terrorism continues in Spain, and the latest results to be made public were the arrests on Tuesday of three men in Valencia and Roda de Ter.. Read More
Girona locals surprised by arrested of alleged Jihadist
The arrested had been living in and around Santa Coloma de Farners for 17 years A 43-year-old Moroccan with Dutch nationality was arrested in the early hours of Wednesday morning in Santa Coloma de Farners, in the Catalunya province of Girona, on.. Read More
Jihadist suspect arrested in Gandía claims she was just innocent and silly
Raja El Aasemy claims that terrorist Tweets were mere teenage high jinks Raja El Aasemy, a 19-year-old woman who was arrested on charges of exalting Jihadist terrorism in Gandía (Valencia) in September 2015, explained in the National Court.. Read More
Two separate Yihadi arrests in Bilbao and Las Palmas in Gran Canaria
Spanish police continue an intensive campaign to prevent the spread of Yihadist propaganda on Spanish soil The British media however, are stirring up fear and warning of the Yihadist threat to British holidaymakers in Spain. The Guardia Civ.. Read More
British press sensationalising Spanish Jihadism security report
The Spanish security forces have NOT identified any direct threat to British tourists Headlines claim British tourist hotspots are being targeted: ''HOLIDAY TERROR ALERT: Fears at THIS holiday hotspot as Spain warns of 'direct ISIS threat.. Read More
Fake teenage Jihadist arrested in Granada
The hoaxer admits to making at least 250 fake calls to the authorities A boy aged under 18 has been arrested by in Granada in connection with a bomb hoax which resulted in costs of over 50,000 euros at a local shopping centre in July of last year.. Read More
Jihadist activists arrested in Badalona
185 arrests in Spain related to Jihadism in the last 18 months Two more people were arrested by the Guardia Civil in the city of Badalona (province of Barcelona) on Tuesday morning, continuing a sequence of detentions related to Jihadism in the.. Read More
Islamic State fighters redeploy in west Mosul after Iraqi forces take east
Islamic State fighters have taken up sniper positions in buildings on the west bank of the Tigris river ahead of an expected government offensive into that side the city, locals said on Wednesday. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Tuesday.. Read More
Somali Islamists ram car bomb into hotel, storm inside
Fighters from Somalia's al Shabaab group rammed a car bomb into the gate of a hotel in the capital Mogadishu on Wednesday and then stormed inside the building, where politicians often stay. Gunfire rang out as fighters entered Dayah Hotel and.. Read More
Austrian teenager says he built test bomb in Germany
An Austrian teenager arrested on suspicion of planning an Islamist attack in Vienna has told investigators he built a ''test bomb'' in Germany, where another suspect has been arrested, Austria's interior minister was quoted as saying on Tuesday... Read More
Most Islamic State commanders in Mosul already killed
Most Islamic State (IS) commanders in Mosul have been killed in battles with Iraqi government forces that raged over the past three months in the eastern side of the city, an Iraqi general said on Thursday. The fight to take the western side of.. Read More
Istanbul nightclub attacker says was directed by Islamic State
An Uzbek gunman who killed 39 people in Istanbul's Reina nightclub on New Year's Day told police he had changed his target at the last minute to avoid heavy security and acted on direct orders from Islamic State in Syria, a newspaper said on Wednesday.. Read More
Spain arrests Moroccan accused of leading Islamist militant cell
Spanish police have arrested a Moroccan man suspected of leading an Islamist militant cell which recruited volunteers to travel to Turkey for training by Islamic State, the Interior Ministry said on Monday. The man, who held Spanish residency, was.. Read More
Istanbul nightclub attack involved an intelligence organisation
The mass shooting at an Istanbul nightclub on New Year's Eve was carried out professionally with the involvement of an intelligence organisation, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said on Monday. ''It appears the Reina attack is not.. Read More
Galicia shoppers shocked by fanatic supermarket gunman
Terror in Ourense as mentally ill man shouts Islamist slogans in Mercadona Shoppers in one of the Mercadona supermarkets in the provincial capital of Ourense in the province of Galicia were sent into a state of panic shortly after 14.00 on Wednesday.. Read More
Madrid-Berlin flight cancelled after bomb hoax
139 passengers turned back to the Madrid-Barajas terminal The threat of terrorist attacks is very much at the forefront of the people's minds throughout Europe at the moment, and in Spain on Tuesday, a day when the Barcelona-Sants railway station.. Read More
Barcelona AVE rail station evacuated in bomb scare
The Barcelona-Sants station as reopened to passengers after an hour The AVE high-speed rail station of Barcelona-Sants was hurriedly evacuated on Tuesday after a suspicious suitcase was spotted, underlining once again that Spain, like the rest.. Read More
Security tightened as Three Kings arrive in Madrid
Extra policing and bollards following the arrests of two Jihadists in Madrid In the aftermath of recent terrorist attacks in Germany and Turkey, and following the arrest in Madrid of two Jihadists who are reported to have been planning an attack.. Read More
Three Jihadists arrested in the Basque Country and Madrid
Two of those arrested in Spain on Wednesday were dangerous ''lone wolves'' Three more arrests of suspected Jihadists were made in Spain on Wednesday, two in the Basque Country (in San Sebastián and Irún) and the other in Aranjuez.. Read More
Latest Jihadists arrested in Spain were connected to the Paris attacks
Four more taken into custody in A Coruña and Almeria The fight against Jihadist activity in Spain continues, and following the arrest over the weekend of a Palestinian man who was preparing to fly from Madrid to Syria another four people.. Read More
Palestinian arrested in Madrid suspected of belonging to IS
Spanish police have arrested a Spanish citizen in Madrid on suspicion of belonging to Islamic State, the Interior Ministry said on Sunday. The ministry said the man of Palestinian origin planned on joining the jhadist group in Syria. The accused.. Read More
Diocese of Lugo website targeted by Islamist hackers
The Tunisian Cyber Resitance All Falaga Team proclaims Islam as the only true religion José Manuel Castro Alba, who runs the website of the Catholic Diocese of Lugo in Galicia, was confident on Tuesday that he was on the verge of restoring the.. Read More
Terrorist attack simulation at Pamplona shopping mall
250 involved in the capital of Navarra as anti-terrorist groups learn from mistakes The Guardia Civil, the police and the Red Cross were among the groups who took part in a large-scale terrorist attack simulation on Wednesday at a shopping centre.. Read More
Morocco believes 450 Spanish Jihadists have traveled to fight in Syria and Iraq
The figure is more than double the estimate of the Spanish government The Spanish Ministry of the Interior estimates that over the last two years 190 Spaniards have travelled to Syria and Iraq to fight for the Jihadist cause with the forces of Daesh.. Read More
Four arrested for Jihadist recruitment in Ceuta
There have been 161 Jihadism-related arrests in Spain since June 2015 Three men and a woman, all of them Spanish nationals, have been arrested by the Policía Nacional in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, on the African coast in the Strait of Gibraltar.. Read More
Spain arrests four on suspicion of Islamist militant activity
Spanish police arrested three men and a woman on Wednesday in Spain's north African enclave Ceuta on suspicion of recruiting young people as Islamist militants, the Interior Ministry said in a statement. The four people looked to recruit youths.. Read More
Jihadist hairdresser arrested in La Rioja as another denies charges in the National Court
The Ceuta man on trial blames his arrest on a TV actor taking revenge The efforts to eliminate Jihadism in Spain continue to occupy the headlines, and on Tuesday, under 24 hours after two imams were arrested in Ibiza for inculcating extremism in.. Read More
Returning IS combatants could enter Europe through southern Spanish ports
The ports of Almeria, Valencia and Alicante are thought to be likely destinations While the forces of IS continue to suffer reversals on the battlefields of Syria and Iraq there is reported to be an increased risk of defeated combatants returning.. Read More
Two imams arrested in Ibiza for indoctrinating children in Jihadism
The arrests were made in the tourist resort of Sant Antoni de Portmany Two imams, or Islamic community leaders, have been arrested by the Guardia Civil in Ibiza on charges of inculcating extremist Daesh Jihadist ideology in children while carrying.. Read More
Two Jihadist cells dismanteld in Morocco and Spain
Arrests were made in Ceuta and Alicante Province Spanish and Moroccan police have arrested four Moroccan men suspected of links to militant Islamist activity, the Spanish Interior Ministry said on Wednesday. The arrests followed two years.. Read More
Three arrested in operation against Jihadism in Spain
The arrests were made in Gijón and San Sebastian in northern Spain Spanish police have arrested two men accused of belonging to Islamic State and a third man accused of spreading Islamist militant messages on social media, the Interior Ministry.. Read More
Navarra religious vandal to be deported to Morocco
21-year-old Naoufal profaned two churches and decapitated San Bartolome Naoufal, the 21-year-old who hit the headlines in September after a series of attacks on Catholic icons and images at churches near his home in the northern region of Navarra.. Read More
5 arrested in swoop on Islamic State Cell in Barcelona, Melilla, Brussels and Germany
Four of those arrested were Spanish Spanish, German and Belgian authorities have arrested five people suspected of forming an ''active and dangerous'' Islamic State cell and promoting Islamist militancy in the three countries, Spain's interior.. Read More
Two Moroccan nationals arrested during anti-yihadist operation in Murcia and Valladolid
The two men are believed to have been planning an attack on the Spanish mainland Spanish police have arrested two Moroccan men accused of supporting Islamist militants and potentially planning an attack on European soil, the Interior Ministry.. Read More
Madrid Jihadist arrested after threatening attack in secondary school
Karim El Idrissi Soussi was one of two Jihadists arrested in Madrid on Thursday Two more people were arrested on Thursday by the Policía Nacional in Madrid for embracing the cause of Jihadism and, in the case of 27-year-old Karim El Idrissi Soussi.. Read More
Prison for Jihadist vandal who decapitated San Bartolomé in Navarra
A young Moroccan embarked on a spree of religious vandalism in Ribaforada The exact circumstances of the death of San Bartolomé in the first century AD are not certain, with some versions reporting that he was skinned alive and crucified head downwards.. Read More
Barcelona man arrested for spreading Jihadist propaganda
The man who was arrested in Manresa is described as unstable and violent The Policía Nacional have made another arrest in connection with the publication and spreading of Jihadist propaganda in Spain, this time in the municipality of Manresa in.. Read More
Alhambra palace in Granada featured in Daesh propaganda video
The video exhorts young Daesh activists to target Rome and Spain The 1,000-year-old palace of the Alhambra in Granada, which was at the centre of the capital of the Moorish Ziri and Nazari kingdoms in the Early Middle Ages and is now the single.. Read More
Jihadist terrorism investigations outnumber those related to ETA in Spain
ETA remains dormant but the terrorist threat from Jihadists grows It is a sign of the changing times in Spain that crimes and offences related to Jihadist terrorism in this country now outnumber those connected with ETA and the Basque separatist.. Read More
Spanish police arrest two Moroccans accused of funding Islamic State
The two brothers were arrested in the Catalan city of Girona Spanish police arrested two brothers in the northern city of Girona accused of helping to fund Islamic State's operations in Syria and Iraq, the interior ministry said on Wednesday... Read More
Spanish government maintains terrorist alert level 4
Spain has been on terrorist alert level 4 since June 2015 Following Thursday night's terrorist attack in Nice, which resulted in the deaths of over 84 people, Jorge Fernández Díaz, the Minister of the Interior in the caretaker government.. Read More
Former Spanish military man accused of exalting IS terrorism
The accused sold t-shirts bearing IS emblems on a Spanish website The trial began on Wednesday of a former member of the Spanish armed forces who is facing a possible 2-year prison sentence for selling t-shirts bearing IS emblems and slogans online.. Read More
Spanish police arrest Barcelona man for spreading Yihadist propaganda on social media
24 people have been arrested this year for similar offences Spanish police arrested a man from Pakistan in Barcelona on Tuesday accused of promoting Islamist militancy via social media. The individual concerned was resident in the L'Hospitalet.. Read More
False alarm as bogus Jihadists terrorize cinema-goers in Madrid Five young people have been arrested by the Policía Nacional after they caused panic at a cinema complex in a shopping centre in Fuenlabrada, in the region of Madrid, by breaking in.. Read More
Four Jihadist recruiters arrested in Madrid
Three Moroccans and one Spaniard spread Jihadist propaganda online Three Moroccans and one Spanish national were arrested in the early hours of Tuesday morning in the region of Madrid on charges of recruiting and indoctrinating people to fight for.. Read More
Internet searches about terrorism plummeted following web monitoring revelations
Traffic to Wikipedia pages about the subject dropped nearly 30 percent Internet traffic to Wikipedia pages summarizing knowledge about terror groups and their tools plunged nearly 30 percent after revelations of widespread Web monitoring by.. Read More
Mallorca police arrest Jihadist activist
A Moroccan in Palma de Mallorca is charged with recruiting on social network sites A 26-year-old man in the city of Palma de Mallorca has become the latest individual in Spain to be arrested in connection with Jihadist activities, and now faces.. Read More
Couple with links to Islamic State arrested in Algeciras
A Moroccan man and a Spanish woman with links to Islamic State were arrested in the southern Spanish port of Algeciras (Bay of Gibraltar) on Saturday as they were trying to leave for Morocco with their young son. The Interior Ministry said in.. Read More
Arms dealer who supplied weapons for supermarket massacre in Paris detained in Málaga
The man is believed to have supplied the guns used in the Paris supermarket attack Spanish police have arrested a French national believed to have supplied the arms used by an Islamist militant to kill four people at a kosher supermarket and a policewoman.. Read More
2 Spanish security guards dead in tuna fishing boat incident in the Seychelles
The two guards argued while protecting the Spanish vessel from pirates The crew of the Txori Gorri, a large tuna-fishing boat which has previously been attacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia, were left disorientated and shocked by an incident.. Read More
Almost 2 million Moslems now live in Spain
The Islamist population of Spain continues to grow The terror incidents in Brussels and Paris have highlighted the need to be vigilant againt the threat of radical Islamist terrorism, and over the weekend the Spanish media have reported on.. Read More
Ceuta police find hidden weapons cache and IS flag
Police said on Saturday they had discovered a hidden weapons cache and a home-made Islamic State flag in Ceuta, a Spanish enclave in Morocco on the African coast, and are investigating a possible connection to Islamist militants. The cache of four.. Read More
Policewomen disciplined in Madrid for refusing to wear male bulletproof vests
Protective clothing for the police is mandatory in Spain due to terrorist alerts There have been frequent complaints in local police forces across Spain recently, as well as in the Policía Nacional, concerning the lack of bulletproof jackets and.. Read More
Aircraft bomb hoaxers arrested in Cuenca
A flight from Madrid to Brazil turned back after the three warned of a bomb on board Three people have been arrested in Cuenca (Castilla-La Mancha) for causing a flight from Madrid to Brazil to return to Barajas airport on 14th December by issuing.. Read More
Spanish court to try alleged Jihadists arrested in Ceuta
Spain's High Court said on Tuesday it would try six alleged members of an Islamist cell and would also renew its request for help from the United States to retrieve emails and social media posts belonging to the men. Investigating magistrate Jose.. Read More
Jihadist recruitment activity has increased in Spain
The number of Daesh fighters to have travelled to Syria from Spain has reached 160 Figures produced by the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence in London and other sources suggest that the trickle of individuals.. Read More
Spanish police warn against terrorism scaremongering
Spain is still on terrorist attack alert level 4 Both the Guardia Civil and the Policía Nacional have published warnings this week urging members of the public not to believe the irresponsible scare mongering regarding the terrorist threat in Spain.. Read More
The Basque separatists cannot accept the targeting of ordinary citizens Easter Sunday coincides in the Basque Country with the unofficial holiday of ''Aberri Eguna'', which translates from Basque as the ''Day of the Fatherland'', and this year the.. Read More
Political deadlock continues in Spain
Politicians present a united front against terrorism but make no progress towards forming a government Any hopes that this week might see progress being made towards the formation of a workable governing majority in the Spanish parliament dwindled.. Read More
Spain reviews terror alert status in the wake of the Brussels attacks
There have been 616 Jihadist terrorist arrestsin Spain since 2004 Spain's Ministry of the Interior has called an emergency meeting of the country's terrorist threat evaluation committee at 17.00 on Tuesday afternoon, following the deaths of.. Read More
Spain arrests man in Spanish enclave of Ceuta for promoting Islamist militancy
Spanish police arrested a Moroccan man in Spain's north African enclave of Ceuta on Thursday, accusing him of promoting Islamist militancy via social media, the Interior Ministry said. The arrest comes after a joint operation by Moroccan and Spanish.. Read More
Spain arrests four with suspected links to Islamic militants
Spanish and Moroccan police arrested four people accused of recruiting potential militants to fight in Syria and Iraq or to carry out attacks in Spain or Morocco, the Interior Ministry said on Tuesday. Three Spaniards were detained in the Spanish.. Read More
IS video targets Spain
The threat of Jihadist attacks in Spain is not sufficient for maximum alert status A video distributed by the Islamic State which has been detected by experts on the Jihadist threat includes a map of Spain being tinged with red, while a voice speaking.. Read More
Madrid Islamists condemn Istanbul bombing
The Islamic Centre calls for peace on Earth The Islamic Centre in Madrid expressed its strong condemnation on Tuesday of the ''brutal attack'' which was carried out near the Blue Mosque of Istanbul, in which at least ten people were killed and.. Read More
Ministry denies increased risk of terrorist attack in Spain
Rumours abound as Spain mourns the two who died in Kabul Following the Taliban attack on the Spanish Embassy in Kabul in which two police officers died, the Ministry of the Interior has issued a statement to the effect that rumours of a possible.. Read More
Two IS recruiters detained in Catalunya and the Canary Islands
The two spread IS propaganda and attempted to recruit new fighters for Islamic State On Tuesday morning police acting simultaneously in both Cataluña and the Canary Islands, arrested two Moroccan nationals accused of recruiting on behalf.. Read More
Spanish Jihadists are trained in Syria to carry out attacks at home
The authorities are searching for around 15 Jihadists from Madrid The Spanish authorities are currently investigating the whereabouts of between 10 and 15 people who are believed to have been recruited in Madrid to join the forces of Daesh by Abdelhamid.. Read More
Two Jihadists arrested in San Sebastián
Spanish government measures include an anti-Jihadist mobile phone app One of the results of the Spanish government's efforts to clampdown on Jihadist terrorist activity is that prisons have been identified as a hotbed of radicalization and recruitment.. Read More
Moroccan tea-shop owner arrested in Pamplona for Jihadism
The Man arrested in Pamplona was planning to join Daesh in Syria A 32-year-old Moroccan man was arrested in Pamplona on Tuesday on suspicion of planning to travel to Syria and join the forces of the Islamic State. The Ministry of the Interior.. Read More
Three Jihadist arrests in Barcelona
A woman who was arrested in Granollers had her bags packed to fly to Afghanistan Three people have been arrested by the Guardia Civil in the province of Barcelona on charges of being involved in a network which recruited volunteers to serve in the.. Read More
 Jihadist recruiter arrested in Segovia prison
The Moroccan suspect is also accused of threatening bomb attacks in Madrid and Barcelona A 42-year-old man of Moroccan origin has been arrested in his prison cell in Segovia (Castille y León) on charges of recruiting and indoctrinating Jihadists.. Read More
Catalan Muslims condemn the terror attacks in Paris
Muslims across Europe have expressed their rejection of violence and extremism In the aftermath of Friday's terrorist attacks in Paris, members of the Muslim community of Spain are understandably keen to distance themselves from those responsible.. Read More
Former Islamist leader in Catalunya expelled from Spain for ten years
Nourredine Ziani preached extremism and collaborated with the Moroccan secret service This Wednesday Spain's Supreme Court upheld a governmental order to the effect that Nourredine Ziani, a former president of the Union of Islamic Cultural Centres.. Read More
Moroccan Jihadist plotters arrested in Madrid
The three Moroccans detained in Madrid planned to attack on Spanish soil Three Moroccans aged between 26 and 29 were arrested by the Policía Nacional in Madrid on Tuesday morning on charges of preparing to carry out terrorist attacks on Spanish.. Read More
Spanish Yihadist arrested in Madrid while preparing to join IS in Syria
The 22-year-old was arrested at Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport Another young Spaniard was arrested on Tuesday for maintaining relations with Jihadist terrorism, the suspect this time being a 22-year-old woman in Madrid. The.. Read More
Ten Jihadist recruiters arrested in Spain and Morocco
The arrests coincide with the first prison sentences in Spain for Jihadist recruiters Ten Jihadist activists were arrested in Spain and Morocco early on Sunday morning as the number of detentions of this kind made during the four-year legislature.. Read More
Judge refuses bail for alleged Islamic State sympathiser arrested in Madrid
The Moroccan man was arrested during a large-scale police operation in Spain and Morocco A Moroccan man arrested during a large-scale anti-terrorist operation on Tuesday this week involving Spanish and Moroccan police appeared in court on Thursday.. Read More
14 arrested in Spain and Morocco suspected of recruiting for Islamic State
Arrests took place simultaneously in a joint operation between Spanish and Moroccan security services 14 people were arrested during a joint operation in Spain and Morocco suspected of recruiting fighters to join Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.. Read More
Father of Paris train gunman shocked by accusations of terrorism
The father of Ayoub el Khazzani lives in Algeciras, Cadíz, in the Andalucía region The father of a suspected Islamist militant gunman overpowered by passengers on a high-speed train in France was quoted on Monday as saying he could not believe.. Read More
Arrested in Galicia for selling T-shirts of British aid worker beheading
The suspect was selling a range of products bearing IS propaganda GALICIA - Spanish police have arrested a man for selling T-shirts showing a British aid worker as he was about to be executed by Islamic State militants as well as a range of clothing.. Read More
Jihadist activist arrested in the Basque Country
The Algerian under arrest lived in Barakaldo in the province of Vizcaya Throughout the first half of this year most of the arrests which have taken place in Spain related to Jihadist activity and recruitment have been in the region of Catalunya.. Read More
Three Spanish journalists go missing in Syria
There are fears that the three may have been kidnapped Fears are growing for the safety of three Spanish journalists who have gone missing in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, an area where fierce fighting is taking place with government forces.. Read More
Spanish national arrested in Melilla for recruiting women to Yihadist cause
There were scuffles as the man was detained The man is accused of recruiting women with the aim of sending them to combat zones controlled by IS. Two weeks ago a women was arrested in the Canary Island for similar activities. The Polic.. Read More
Spain remains on Level 4 terrorist alert
The beaches of Andalucía, the Comunidad Valenciana, the Balearics, the Canaries and Galicia have multinational police patrols this summer The recent terror attacks in Tunisia have highlighted the need for vigilance while on holiday, and although.. Read More
Barcelona: Man remanded in custody for exalting Islamic terrorism
He was arrested on Saturday after police detected an unusually high level of Twitter and Facebook activity The courts in Barcelona have decided to impose a preventative prison sentence on a man arrested on Saturday suspected of having used the internet.. Read More
Increased internet activity adds to anti-terrorist vigilance in Spain A woman has been arrested this week on the island of Lanzarote, Canary Islands,on charges of recruiting children and adolescents to fight for the Daesh forces in Syria, bringing.. Read More
Radical mosques could be closed down in Spain
The Spanish courts are now empowered to take action against anywhere inciting people to radicalism Spanish courts have been empowered by the latest reforms of the Penal Code to close mosques and other places of worship if it is proven that they.. Read More
Spain raises terrorist alert level to high risk following Tunisia massacre
Three separate attacks left more than 60 dead yesterday The Spanish government has raised its anti-terrorist alert level from the previous level of 3 ( medium, on a scale of 1-5 with 5 highest) to 4 ( high risk) following the 3 separate terror.. Read More
Albacete man faces charges of pretending to be an Islamist terrorist
The arrested told the police in Albacete that his threats were just a joke A 26-year-old man has been arrested by the Policía Nacional in Albacete ( Castilla La Mancha)after he posed as an Islamic extremist terrorist on social network sites, announcing.. Read More
Two arrested in Barcelona for spreading Daesh terrorist ideology
Barcelona has been the focal point of previous Islamic State activity in Spain Two people were arrested by the Policía Nacional in Barcelona on Tuesday after they were found to be propagating the ideology of Jihadist terrorist group Daesh through.. Read More
More Jihadists than members of ETA pending trial in Spanish prisons
While ETA hold their ceasefire the influence of Jihadism grows in Spain The number of people in prison pending trial in Spain for belonging to Jihadist groups has now risen to 61, a number which for the first time is higher than the total for members.. Read More
IS Bomb explodes outside Spanish Embassy in Libya
None hurt in the Islamic State Tripoli bomb attack A bomb exploded outside the Spanish Embassy in Tripoli at approximately 1.00 on Tuesday morning, although fortunately no-one is reported to have been injured in the central district of Manshiya... Read More
Eleven more Jihadist arrests in Catalunya
Over 30 arrests in connection with Jihadism in Spain this year The Mossos dEsquadra, the regional police force of Catalunya, have arrested eleven people on charges of involvement in Jihadist terrorist activity. The arrests were made during the course.. Read More
Four arrested in Barcelona for Jihadist connections
Twins in Badalona were set to follow their elder brother to Syria Four people were arrested by the Guardia Civil in Badalona (in the province of Barcelona) on Tuesday morning on suspicion of being involved in a Jihadist group which is responsible.. Read More
Spaniards caught up in Tunisian massacre return home
A couple from Valencia escaped injury by hiding in a store cupboard Passengers caught up in Wednesday's terrorist attack in Tunisia have returned to Spain, their two cruise ships docking this morning with some of those who managed to escape on board.. Read More
Anti-Islamic demonstration staged in Barcelona
The PEGIDA movement vows not to forgive of forget the 2004 Madrid bombings Around 80 members of PEGIDA (the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West organization) gathered in LHospitalet de Llobregat in the province of Barcelona.. Read More
Two more Jihadists arrested in Ceuta
The two men are reported to have been ready to act in Spain Two men were arrested in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta on the north African coast on Tuesday morning as part of the continuing operation to counter the threat of Jihadist terrorism in this.. Read More
Spanish political leaders take joint anti-terrorism stance
Political opponents agree on anti-Jihadist measures The problem of Jihadism in western Europe is becoming more and more worrying, particularly in the light of recent events in France, and all over the continent governments are seeking ways to prevent.. Read More
Bomb scare at the cathedral-mosque of Córdoba
However, the drivers of the badly parked vehicle had simply gone for a bite to eat In the climate of wariness which exists in Spain following last week's Jihadist terrorist attacks on the other side of the Pyrenees in France all potential threats.. Read More
Spain will use airline passenger registers in the fight against radical violence
The Spanish government reacts quickly to the terrorists attacks in France In the aftermath of last week's Jihadist attacks in France the governments of western Europe are hurriedly adopting measures to tighten up security procedures, and Jorge Fern.. Read More