The processionary caterpillar, a springtime threat to dogs and cats in Spain
Processionary caterpillars are so called because they form processions, nose to tail, as they leave the nest prior to changing into moths. They are found in all Mediterranean areas, and during.. Read More
What is a Gota Fria?
Never underestimate the destructive power of the rain in Spain The Gota Fría is the name given in Spain to a meteorological phenomenon which can cause devastating flooding, especially in the south.. Read More
Recovering stolen jewellery and other items in Spain
The Policía Nacional have a virtual gallery of stolen valuables recovered The victims of burglary and theft in Spain face an uphill struggle to recover any items which have been stolen, as indeed.. Read More
Spanish living: Gas bottle basics
Transporting gas bottles, prices, how many bottles and where should they be stored Most people who live in Spain or visit the country will at some point find themselves using the butane gas canisters.. Read More
Hailstorms in Spain can be somewhat fierce
There's a good reason why garages fetch a premium price in hilltop towns If ever you see the neighbours going out into the street with armfuls of blankets which are placed carefully over their vehicles.. Read More
The Asian Tiger Mosquito in Spain
Tips to help limit the spread of this Asian invader The tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus), which is a native of India and south-eastern Asia, has now taken up residence in several Mediterranean coastal.. Read More
Are dogs allowed on the beach in Spain?
Is my dog allowed on the beach is a common question The question of whether dogs are allowed on Spanish beaches is a common one, but in short, no, they're not, is the general answer. Spain.. Read More
Understanding heatstroke and heat exhaustion
The mortality rate in over 75's increases by 20,1% for every one degree increase in temperatures over 36,5 degrees. What to do if you think someone is suffering from heatstroke or heat exhaustion.. Read More
Has Spain legalised growing Marijuana for private use?
This weekend social networks have been abuzz with excitement Spanish social network sites have been abuzz lately with speculation that the government may perhaps have almost unwittingly legalized.. Read More
Its a steal: Just how easily pickpockets can ruin your holiday
Look after your passport – watch new videos that reveal the scams that thieves and pickpockets use With tens of thousands of British residents living in Spain, and millions of UK visitors.. Read More
Hourly electricity rates billing in Spain: what you need to know
How to benefit from hourly variations in the price of Spanish electricity On 1st July 2015 a pioneering system of hourly electricity rates came into operation in Spain, theoretically enabling consumers.. Read More
Location of speed cameras across Spain
The DGT website shows where radars and cameras are located The DGT are keen to ensure motorists stay within the speed limits set by law in order to reduce road accidents, so speed radars and traffic.. Read More
The Cochinilla del Carmin devastates prickly pears
This emblematic plant is a quintissential part of the Spanish landscape The Cochinilla del Carmin is a well-established pest in the hotter areas of the Spanish coastline, slowly destroying the emblematic.. Read More
Basic  Spanish pool and summer swimming safety advice
Accidents around the pool cause more deaths than accidents in them Leaping into the cooling waters of a swimming pool or wading out into the sea is a natural response to the increased summer temperatures.. Read More
Basic procedures if your Spanish property is burgled
Accepting the possibility of theft is the most important part of burglary prevention Many foreign national Spanish property owners leave their homes empty for considerable periods of time, a.. Read More
How to register the birth of a baby in Spain
This procedure changes on October 15th 2015 At present the process of registering the birth of a baby in Spain is as follows, although the procedures are due to be simplified for hospital births.. Read More
Dog owners beware: stephanotis pods can kill dogs
Urgent warning for dog owners Be aware that the seed pods of the Stephanotis plant, also known as Madagascar Jasmine, are lethal for dogs. This is a stunning plant with waxy green leaves and a.. Read More
Beware fraudsters. 8 things your bank will never ask you to do
Fraud is on the increase, particularly on the internet so be aware of potential scams Fraud hurts and there's nothing worse than being ripped off by an unscrupulous conman. Although the internet.. Read More
Moving to Spain? Think about Healthcare!
Plan your healthcare before moving to Spain Moving to Spain, even if for just a few years, is a major decision, one of the most important elements which needs to be considered being planning.. Read More
Important changes to Spanish road traffic laws affect drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians
The laws aim to reduce the number of road deaths in Spain Foreign owned and registered cars must now be changed to Spanish plates After months of heated debate the new law governing Traffic, Motor.. Read More
EU residency certificate in Spain
The Certificado de registro como residente comunitario/ Certificate of residence for EU community nationals Basic fact sheets for those living in, or moving to, Spain. Click for full list of factsheets.. Read More
Obtaining an NIE number in Spain
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Voting in Spain
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What is a Community of Owners, Comunidad de propietarios
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Spanish News Today Spanish Living Factsheets
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What is the Euribor?
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Cédula de Habitabilidad ( Occupancy certificate)
Spanish News Today Factsheets (Property) Property: 1: Cédula de Habitabilidad ( Occupancy certificate) Click for: Full list of factsheets, Click Full list of factsheets Cédula.. Read More
British nationals living in Spain must now make passport applications online
Passport applications renewals and replacements must now be made online Basic factsheets for those moving to, or living in, Spain. Living in Spain Factsheet 4, Passport applications, replacements.. Read More
Be aware, the Datura stramonium can kill
This plant grows in many places throughout Spain Spanish police reported in October 2013 that a commercial cultivation of the Datura stramonium plant, also known as jimson weed, devils trumpet, stinkweed.. Read More
Spanish law, driving with children in Spain
Seatbelt law, child restraints,whilst driving in Spain Motoring in Spain Factsheet 1. Click Spanish Living factsheets for a full list of useful basic information about everyday life in Spain.. Read More
Spanish gas scams: the facts
Gas inspectors, is this a scam? Stories about gas scammers are always present in both the English and Spanish language media, as gas scammers are a common occurrence, although there is a fine line.. Read More
Dreaming of moving to Spain? Sensible advice to help you plan a stress free move
FCO issues checklist for Brits planning a move abroad Moving abroad The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) has issued a warning to British nationals who are considering a move abroad.. Read More
How to sign on to the municipal Padron in Spain ( padrón)
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