Surreal bank hold-up in Cadiz as robber counts out his own money
The robber in Puerto Serrano took 500 euros and left far more in the till There are many different ways in which to approach the task of robbing a bank, but the attitude adopted on Tuesday by a man.. Read More
Its a steal: Just how easily pickpockets can ruin your holiday
Look after your passport – watch new videos that reveal the scams that thieves and pickpockets use With tens of thousands of British residents living in Spain, and millions of UK visitors.. Read More
Mallorca mother hangs baby before committing suicide
The bodies were found at the family home in Llucmajor The Guardia Civil have confirmed that a 34-year-old woman whose body was found at her country home in Llucmajor (Mallorca) on Wednesday killed.. Read More
Zaragoza tyre factory gutted by fire
The production facility in Villanuevo de Gallego was completely destroyed A spectacular fire which broke out on Wednesday afternoon at a tyre factory in Villanuevo de Gallego, in the province.. Read More
Three youngsters die in Almeria cave dwelling fire
The dead in La Molineta include two girls aged 12 and 14 Three young people lost their lives in a fire at a cave house in the La Molineta district on the western outskirts of the city of Almer.. Read More
Handbag and glove warehouse in Getafe gutted by fire
None injured as Madrid firemen extinguish the flames A 3,000-square-metre warehouse in the Madrid municipality of Getafe, which contained handbags, gloves and shoes, was destroyed by fire in the.. Read More
Madrid thieves steal 250,000 euros of handbags from Chanel store
The robbery in Madrid lasted only just over a minute Thieves made off with handbags worth approximately a quarter of a million euros from the Chanel store in the centre of Madrid on Tuesday afternoon.. Read More
Granada woman accused of feeding live puppies and kittens to python
The woman posted a photo of her python crushing a puppy online A young woman in Loja, in the west of the province of Granada, has been placed under judicial investigation by the Guardia Civil on.. Read More
Two fishermen missing after collision with Russian vessel outside Barcelona
The collision occurred 1.5 miles from the port of Barcelona on Monday Two seamen are missing following a collision on Monday between the fishing boat on which they were working and a Russian.. Read More
Killer on the loose after double murder in Alcorcon
The shooting in the western outskirts of Madrid took place on Sunday morning The Madrid town of Alcorcón was in shock on Sunday morning following an incident in the early hours in which two.. Read More